Revisiting Diamonds.

Revisiting Diamonds.

Diamonds is the game I half-created before Clutter. It has some mini-games in it that I will be using in Clutter-II. I can either try to grab just the code for the specific games or it may be useful to get Diamonds, the test version, up and running again. For starters, I’m going to try that.

My goal for the day is to get my FitTris engine working like it did in Diamonds. FitTris is also called PackIt and it’s the engine I used to create the Coin Puzzles in Clutter. I had at least 3 different variations of PackIt:

  1. Worked with Coins like in Clutter.
  2. Worked with Tetris Like pieces (that actually got bigger as you moved them into the puzzle area.
  3. A couple of Picture variations. One was Picture puzzles cut into Tetris like pieces and the other was square pieces that were pixelated until placed in the puzzle.

Even if it’s a little more work, I think it will be useful to get Diamonds up and running so I can play a variation before deciding whether it deserves to make it into Clutter-II.

If I can get Diamonds working, and I get at least one new mini-game integrated into Clutter-II, then this will be a very productive couple of days and bode well for making my self-imposed Sept. deadline.

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