The Current State of Clutter.

The Current State of Clutter.

I thought I’d do a quick summary of where Clutter is and where it’s going.

It launched on Big Fish Games on Feb. 8th. It made it to the #25 spot there but it never got a marketing push. It converted at about 5% but with sales and maybe some later word-of-mouth, it has converted at slightly over 6.25%.

About a month later (March 19th) it was launched over at iWin. It was #1 for 5 days there (but I think it was a slow week). Still waiting on my first check from iWin (and my second one from Big Fish Games).

It’s also pending over at Amazon. I’m hoping I got lucky by naming my game something that people actually search on. I’ll post here (and celebrate) the day it goes live there.

The feedback for Clutter is fairly polarized. Some people love it, some seem to hate it. Very few people seem to be in the middle. I was very pleased to see that at least a percentage of the people that bothered to write reviews of it, really seemed to get everything I did in the game…and appreciated how different it was compared to your run of the mill HOG (Hidden Object Game).

It will be in 4 or 5 additional languages soon and those will be sold through Big Fish’s foreign language sites.

The biggest thing I’ve learned doing this, is that just about everything takes longer than I’d hope for. I released the game to Big Fish in Nov. of last year…but did not make it on the site until February. It was supposed to take about a week to get the game on Amazon, but it’s already three weeks in and I still don’t know when it will be there.

So far, the sales haven’t been as strong as I would like…but I’m hoping that “The Long Tail” will let things trickle in for a long time with Clutter.

I think tomorrow, I’ll include some of my favorite comments about the game (both pro and con).

For today’s task – I’m going to add a “gameFlagsChanged” and reset the game automatically whenever someone changes either the difficulty flag or the use Timer flag.






  1. Tina says:

    I just love both Clutter and Clutter II. I got them both from Big Fish Games. I am looking forward to the next version. I know that I am truly hooked on this game and love the idea of bettering myself as I progress in the 2nd version. Keep up the good work.


  2. Pat Snyder says:

    I keep looking for the new Clutter – hope to see it soon.

    You are imaginative. I love the way you did jigsaw puzzles with the lines and boxes.


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