SIEGE 2016: Serendipity In Events Gamers Envision

SIEGE 2016: Serendipity In Events Gamers Envision

After SIEGE 2014, I wrote a blog entitled:
SIEGE 2014: Don’t Judge This Book by It’s Cover.

This is it’s sequel, and as before, I will be using mostly code names for individuals and leave it as a puzzle for those reading this to figure out (if they feel like it).

Before I get started, I was coming into SIEGE this year on a high from releasing Clutter VI and my team was all there at SIEGE at different points in time. If you met me, I’m sure I talked your ear off about how great a year it’s been and how I’ll most likely have to eat my words of the past 6 year….that gameplay mechanic is the only thing that matters, and finally admit that Story & Art matter. And it was great to show off my team’s work whenever possible, but that’s really a minor piece of what SIEGE is for me. For me, it’s actually when I slow down long enough and force myself to get out of “The Joe Show” mode that I have the most fun and interesting times at SIEGE.

So yeah, I participated in the investment conference and there’s a blog for you there that I might do some day, and I did the Rants again…and I threw a party this year (but that was mostly thanks to Chip Silvey for his generous donation to the SIEGE/GGDC cause)…but this isn’t about those moments either. So, although I did so much talking this weekend, (that I’m horse) this is about the quiet moments…where I was just listening and/or observing what all the awesome folks at SIEGE were doing. So, in no particular order…(which makes it harder to discover who I’m talking about)…here’s some shared remembrances of those moments.

The guy who most inspired this blog is someone who showed up after hearing about it just a little over a week ago. It was fun watching the SIEGE-effect on him because for someone who didn’t really know anyone before showing-up he fit right in.

It was great to see so many people from the Dave & Buster meet-ups doing various things all around SIEGE. I know that shouldn’t be a big surprise but I was so happy to see so many D&B friends there this year.

Jumping around…I got to know many people better this year that I’ve felt intimidated by in the past. Sometimes it’s physically intimidated, sometimes it’s on a more mental level, sometimes it’s status…and sometimes it’s all four. It’s always a great feeling to let go of those intimidation feelings when realizing how nice they really are.

I’ve been around long enough now…that I also enjoy seeing “kids” I met a few years ago morph into talented, hard-working adults. And I also realize that I can be intimidating the first time I meet/interact with someone, so it’s nice to observe the flip-side too…where someone who used to be intimidated by me…is no longer intimidated.

Met some really nice/random folks that I immediately clicked with. Just friendly, smart, happy, dedicated people that have the ability to make anyone feel comfortable in their presence. Whether it’s a Keynote level speaker type…or the newest volunteer…it’s always great to meet someone new who’s so enthusiastic about life.

Yeah, not giving many clues…but that’s ok…it’s not so much the specifics this year.

For instance, I can think of at least 10 old friends of varying degrees…that I always feel at home with more than the family and friends I grew up in. Now some of those folks I’ll never forget their names, but some I will if I haven’t seen them in a bit…but the thing is, although I may not be able to always remember a person’s name…I almost always remember “who there are”.

And a short digression…It’s the best 3 days of the year for me…mainly because I know that anyone may start busting my balls for any reason at any time…and I’m really happy that that’s the kind of environment SIEGE is. It’s a direct result of intelligent people that feel comfortable with each other. It’s a family thing.

This is really going long…and I think I need to do a whole blog on the two Rons and how awesome the Indie Cluster was this year…so I’ll stop here.

(Although…I’ll close with thanking/mentioning everyone that chose to break bread with me (or chow down with me) (or had lunch/dinner with me).  It’s one of my favorite things to do: Enjoy someone’s company over a good meal. Even if that meal is Oreo’s and 18 Year old Scotch….but I digress…)

Got errands to run….be back with the Indie Cluster in a bit…




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