October 17, 2022

Good Debugging is Like Magic

I was prompted to write this by a conversation with a friend I had about debugging in general. These are two stories from my early days as a programmer. They both illustrate the point that good debugging is like a Magic Trick. It’s really amazing until you explain how it was done. Story 1: I was working at my first programming job at a bank in Albany NY. I came in one day and the other 3 programmers were all working on trying to solve a crash from the night before. This is in the […]
April 17, 2018

Gathering 4 Gardner 13

So this is Martin Gardner. He died almost 8 years ago but he affected so many lives that a gathering in his honor is held once every two years. At this year’s Gathering 4 Gardner 13, I was fortunate enough to be one of the 325 folks to attend. Martin wrote the Scientific American Mathematical Games column for 25 years as well as many other books on a wide variety of topics, all of which resonate with me. Whether it’s recreational mathematics, puzzles, magic, skepticism, annotations, cryptography or even biography; I benefited greatly from seeing […]
March 25, 2018

The Magic of GDC – A Tale of 3 Stories

Story #1 – Mac & Cheese A few years ago, I walked by a booth at the Expo and it netted me close to $30K. I was just strolling around the GDC-Expo floor when two girls said to me – “You look like a game developer”. Yep, I sure do. Shorts, T-Shirt with a funny slogan on it and a bit overweight (definitely old-school looking (but no beard)). “I am”, I said (Thank You Neil Diamond), and they asked “What do you do?” I told them I created games for the Casual PC Download Market […]