Clutter Evolution: Beyond Xtreme
The Best Clutter Yet
Over 1700 Incredible Levels
#1 on Game House, iWin & Game Fools

"You know what you'll get with each Clutter game. It's always the same, yet each game is always different. That's the magic of the Clutter series."
***** "Hideously Addictive" ***** "Best Game Ever" ***** "Can't Stop Playing" *****
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Clutter Evolution only runs on PCs & older Macs.
It will not download on Macs with the Catalina OS.
It does not run on iPads, iPhones, Androids, Linux or Chromebooks.

(Windows Defender will warn about downloading my games because I use a self-extracting exe.
Please don't buy the game if this bothers you. You can still tell Windows Defender to go ahead and download it anyway and then you can run it by choosing "more info" and telling it to run anyway.)

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Clutter Evolution
Theme Music
By Mike Sal

Clutter Evolution
Theme Music
By Mike Sal

The original un-hidden object game

I wrote Clutter to make a replayable game that appeals to the Hidden Object Game fans, without it being a typical Hidden Object Game. I've done my best to make every level replayable, and I'll warn you now that many people find the game quite addicting.

There are now 10 Clutter Games and no two are alike.

Just reading this far, I'll give you your very first Clutter experience for free.

Just email me at JoeCassavaugh@aol.com and I'll send you your first Clutter game for free. Just put "Clutter Please - PC" or "Clutter Please-Mac" in the Subject Line, and I'll send you a download link to the very first Clutter game. I'll warn you again though - many people play these games every single day, and addicting is the most common word I hear from my players about the game. You've been warned.

Below is just a small sample of the variety you'll see in the Clutter Games where no two games are the same.


  1. Jo says:

    I’m a big fan of all of your games and wrote to you many years ago when I had a technical problem. I was very impressed that you also took the time to reply to me over a playback issue and put up a patch for the game very quickly. Your latest game is brilliant however once I got into the levels above 80 the game froze and then would only give me a blank screen even after I uninstalled and reinstalled. I found a workaround that helped me. I have a windows 10 laptop. I went to graphic settings , choose an app to set preference and browsed for Clutter Evolution. I changed the drmactivator Application to High performance. Which seems to have done the trick as the game is working normally again.
    Thank you (and your team) for your wonderful games

  2. Garnet says:

    When will Clutter Evolution be available on Big Fish Games?

  3. Nancy F says:

    I love the Clutter games, but I am a purist – I love the original Clutters and those variations with the original objects in the Clutter. All of the smileys, hearts, abstracts, etc. are making me frown instead of smile like the old clutters did. I will continue to replay the older clutters while I hope and pray that you will have an “all clutter with original objects and no abstracts and as few extra games as you can get away with as possible” edition…and if could be a Christmas Clutter then I would be smiling all the time. 🙂

    • joe says:

      I hear you. I’m thinking of having a Old-Style-Objects only secondary quest in Ki11er Clutter.
      (And if not in that game….definitely the one afterwards).
      We’ll see what we can do.

      Have you played around with “favorites”….because you can pretty much create your own quest using that?

  4. Jeanne Buck says:

    Love love love your clutter games! I like playing hidden object games but they are so similar! I really enjoy the changes that your games offer and keep playing all of them over and over! I think it took a special kind of creativity to come up with the idea in the first place and to be able to keep on adding to the quest! Good Job Joe, keep up the good work!! A Loyal Fan

  5. Marianita Harris says:

    I have so many Clutter games I’ve lost count. Finally got my hands on the latest ,Clutter Evolution. It is so good to have a chance to get away from the issues we all are facing right now. I’m not into the dark games available on line so I find these Clutter games are a nice break in the day. I thank you guys for making them available.

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