Clutter 12: It’s About Time

Clutter 12: It's About Time

By far, the most challenging and exciting Clutter ever. More fun and challenging than even Ki11er Clutter. Clocks, Spirals & Singletons are worth the price of admission. The very first Clutter Collector's Edition, so you know it's special. Good luck with the Portals!!!
Although quotes and a text story is back, it's still true (as it is in every Clutter Game) that every picture tells part of the story.

The story is of course, About Time!!! What else could it be.
You can now hover over any icon or button in the game and a popup text will tell you more about it.

I'm sure many players don't read the Pop-Up Help, but there is always a lot of useful information in them as well.

There is also an exceptionally helpful Help Book where you can find Tips & Tricks, and even review the Story and/or Pop-Up Help if you want. (And a few bonus pages thrown in for just the Collector's Edition).

Buy Clutter 12: It's About Time, Collector's Edition for $20

Joe keeps the game bar high on each new issue of his Clutter games. He keeps adding new Killer ways to keep you on your toes in trying to work through the puzzles. I have all of his games and re-play them all the time. I believe that the Clutter games are in a category by themselves - there is no other developer that has the cleverness that Joe displays in all his different puzzles. Some new puzzles to drive your crazy - the circle match games and he has brought back the fade outs which are the best. There are so many different puzzles to play, you will surely find some that will keep you coming back to the game for hours. Well done.
The Clutter game series are one of my all-time favorite series to play and re-play. As a matter of fact, I have been replaying Clutter 11 this week, LOL!!! As for this this game, I have not been disappointed. I have come across a couple of new variations, ex: stackers where there are coins on top of pillows. What I love about this Clutter game and the previous Clutter games, you can make the game as hard as you want it, or as easy as you want it. I love the quotes and the pictures at the end of each level. I also, love when you hover your mouse over an item, information about that item pops up.
I don't do reviews very often but this game got me motivated. There is so much variety and so many options that it seems that it should appeal to most players. If there is an aspect that you don't like, you can turn it off. I love playing it Untimed when I just want to chill out but can switch modes when I want a challenge. If you haven't tried any of the Clutter games, this one is a good place to start. If you have played the other Clutter games, try this one since there are some changes.
I have all the Clutter games and I have to say that this one is more challenging than the last one. I like the pictures Joe picked for this game. He also included many (but not enough) of my favorite game Clutter Gaps. I hear there is another game in the works, and I already know I'll buy that one, too.
I've been waiting for this and was not disappointed. I have all of the Clutter series, and they just keep getting better and better. Love the new spirals and cartoon characters. Of course, nothing beats my favorite easter eggs and donuts. Love you, Joe; thanks.


  1. joy says:

    Is it on wild tangent? I haven’t seen it.

  2. Julie Roberts says:

    when will this be available through bigfish I have all the other 11 on the bigfish launcher so would ideally like this one the same, thanks

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