Clutter 1000

Clutter 1000

The Clutter of the "Modern Age". Made with Unity, Joe has stepped into the 21st Century and modernized everything about Clutter. 100% all new objects and introducing the amazing Smileys. (Plus Mah Jong, Circles and many more challenges).
Mah Jong as real Mah Jong, as well as Mah Jong influenced Clutter levels, make this a Clutter above and beyond the rest. And, oh those smileys look oh so sweet in the Mah Jong layouts. And since we're mentioning oh so sweet, those Chocolates can't be beat.
That's right, in addition to everything else, I decided to try an experiment with a no-text Clutter. No help Popups, No Hover Help, and No Story Text. (That doesn't mean there wasn't a story, because there was. It was just subtle).

Welcome to the "Modern Age" of Clutter.

Buy Clutter 1000 for $10

Joe has outdone himself with this Clutter!

This Clutter offers hours and hours of enjoyable game play and a near infinite level of customization. Game play can be timed or untimed, with or without music and the music volume can be adjusted, collect gems for hints or infinite hints and on and on.

There are many familiar features in this Clutter, but I won't spoil them. I will say that the pictures of cats and dogs are beautiful and seeing those pictures made me smile. One of my favorite familiar features is the ability to "leave from anywhere". Click the "X" and the game shuts down. A pet peeve of mime is being asked "Are you sure you want to leave?". Well, there is none of that nonsense in Joe's Clutter games!

The slider puzzles are amazing and the resulting pictures are some of the best in the game.

The story line isn't as obvious as previous Clutter games, but it is there nonetheless. And it's a great one that will become obvious as the game progresses. Try this game. Click on everything in the opening screen. You will be amazed at what you find! Thanks, Joe, for another great Clutter!
Best Clutter Game Yet By The Cluttermeister Get prepared to enjoy the “champagne” of clutter games. What a fantastic game! This is what a clutter game should look like! If you like this genre of games, this one you will not want to miss.

Always innovative, this developer has provided some new features within this game. The slats puzzles have been modified with more and skinnier slats making them somewhat nerve racking to solve.

If you are a shoe addict, like me, you will love matching up like-shoes from dozens of them. Many of those shoes are very similar in design and color. If you opt to be timed while locating those shoes, it might take you several attempts to locate them all! However, I do believe shoe aficionados will have no problem grabbing up all those pairs!

Seeing double? The “eyes” have it – within the cat scenes. If you are a cat lover, you might be amazed by the different variety of cats – many with different colored eyes. Being a cat person, I enjoyed these scenes; however, there are some with dogs as well for all the dog lovers out there!

Another one which have you do a double take are the whirling circular matching scenes. Matching items while two interconnected circles are quickly whirling around each other might have you seeing double!

Returning are the scenes we have grown to love in previous clutter games. There are matching of two or three items by size and color. There are also scenes matching halves of two items. My favorite scenes are matching up items which are amassed in the center and must be moved to locate them.

This game is also a keeper, which cannot be said bout many games. This is a game you can replay and never feel it loses its sense of newness!
I really enjoy the Clutter games. This one is on the top of my list for 2019. When I'm feeling down or frustrated over something I pop open Clutter 1000 and work a few puzzles and low and behold I can think again and get back to what I'm working on with more clarity. The emoji, dog, and cat eye games are awesome. Really the emoji one has kicked my tush several times. ;). Very enjoyable!! Thank you Clutter!!!
Just when I thought I had seen it all with Joe’s creativity he comes up with Clutter 1000. Clutter 1000 is a terrific game that is different from the previous Clutter games that most of us love. This one is different in appearance but once you figure it out, you will realize that this is Clutter on steroids. Joe has created so much with Clutter 1000 that it will keep Clutter addicts happy and playing for hours. Clutter 1000 was definitely worth the wait because this one is terrific.
I saw where some were complaining about no instructions. When I first started playing it I felt them same way. But after a while I believe it was done on purpose to make you work your way thru understanding this fun and crazy game. It is called CLUTTER and trying to figure it out was just that. I absolutely LOVE it and hope they do more like this. Give it a chance even if you get frustrated. Worth it!


  1. Eric says:

    Hi Joe,
    I think I found a bug in Clutter 1000 that makes one level impossible to play. In the fifth set of levels (the second “t” of Clutter), if I play the 10th level (last in the first row), whenever I try to select a smiley, the screen gets dark for a few seconds and then comes back to normal, but nothing else happens and the smiley doesn’t start shaking as it normally does when it is selected. Therefore, it’s impossible to select any smileys and the level is essentially unplayable, although the buttons at the top of the screen work normally. The issue only occurs in that specific level (I’ve played about 100 so far).
    Now I should mention that I am playing the Nintendo Switch version of the game. I tried playing with either the touch screen or a gamepad but it makes no difference whatsoever.
    Could this be a bug in the game?

    • joe says:

      Hi Eric:
      It’s not a bug.
      That’s a “Singleton” Puzzle – (The “Not-2” Icon is on puzzles of this type) (A 2 with a RED NOT symbol on it). (There is also a Blue-Diamond 1 that tells you “1” is the number of matches you need to make.)

      So you’re looking for things without a match.
      It’s a pretty difficult puzzle….but some people enjoy them.

      Hope that helps.
      Hope you’re having a fun week.


      • Eric says:

        Ahhh, silly me, I should’ve paid more attention when looking through the tutorial pages! I guess I somehow skipped over it and I didn’t even know that mode existed.
        Personally, I prefer finding pairs or groups of objects but I have to admit those singleton puzzles are indeed tougher than the other ones.

        Anyhow, keep up the great work on the Clutter series!


        • joe says:

          Thanks Eric:
          So tough. No one wants to read (especially instructions).
          Glad you enjoyed them. (Even if less so than other ones).
          Happy 4th.

  2. Katharine Conner says:

    I am playing your game through Big Fish and i wanted to take a minute to say Thank You and tell you how much i am enjoying the diffrent challenges and the personal touches you added. I really love these puzzles, you are amazing and have a fan for life?

  3. Sharon Couch says:

    Where are the options menu in clutter 1000 and clutter IX?

    • joe says:

      Hi Sharon:
      Options are everywhere.
      Click on the Bright Green 0 in the upper left (before you start in a level)
      …..and you’ll see all the options pop-up close to what they affect.

      You can find out more information there.
      In Clutter-IX…same thing….but you can use HOVER….and each option will
      tell you more in a pop-up help. (There was no Text in Clutter 1000).
      Hope that helps.

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