Ki11er Clutter – Clutter 11

Ki11er Clutter - Clutter 11

By far, the most challenging and exciting Clutter ever. Totally deserving of the name Ki11er Clutter. So many new variations and play styles intermixed with your favorites. Same with Object Sets as well. Wait until you see the White Cubes.
Although quotes and a text story is back, it's still true (as it is in every Clutter Game) that every picture tells part of the story. This time the story is all about Joe's love of games and how they've influenced his Clutter choices over the years.
You can now hover over any icon or button in the game and a popup text will tell you more about it. I'm sure many players don't read the Pop-Up Help, but there is always a lot of useful information in them as well. There is also a Help Book available from the Main Menu that's useful for additional information.

Buy Ki11er Clutter for $10

I've been waiting for this game! As usual, Joe has given us another wonderful Clutter.

This game offers near infinite levels of customization. Don't like timers? Turn them off. Don't like the moving conveyor? Turn it off. Want to leave the game from anywhere? Hit the leave button...without the need to see "Do you really want to leave?".

The objects are clear and bright in the Main Quest. There are many game variations, many levels, many everything! I haven't tried the extreme levels yet, so can't comment on them. But I'm sure they won't disappoint. Joe's games never do.

You may find yourself losing sleep, forgetting to eat, and shouting "I did it!" and scaring your family.

Thanks, Joe, for another great game!
I own a small collection of Joe's games and they always provide many hours of fun and relaxation. This newest addition has so many amazing puzzles, nice pictures, interesting subject matter, bright colors, great challenge. I never feel "cheated" after buying Joe's games, I end up with many moons of entertainment and don't regret the money spent.

With so much variety in this game and the great amount of levels, I seriously doubt boredom will ever creep in. Aside from the usual game content, I especially like having puzzles that are not the typical jigsaw because the challenge is different and adds more fun.
I love all the clutter games and this one is great! It is as challenging as you want it to be, but is definitely not as simple as it seems.

Called the Un-Hidden Object games, Clutter is simply a matter of clicking on two or more objects in plain sight at a time. Sounds simple? Wrong! There are many levels here and increasing difficulty. The timer can be turned off and you can skip around finding puzzles that you like.

There are also Box Quotes and all sorts of picture puzzles. With 1000 puzzles, there is a great variety.
Playing Clutter never gets old. The games can be played many times with many options. I own all the Clutter games and have become a huge Joe Cassavaugh fan.

These games intrigue me again and again. I'm amazed at the amount of customization allowed to keep the games fresh and challenging, or when I'm really worn out - I can make them a bit easier. I hope that there are many (MANY) more Clutter games in the future. Thank you!
I have been following Joe and his Clutter games on Facebook for years. (You should, too.) I have them all. Clutter IX is THE. BEST. EVER!

Every kind of Clutter game we've grown to love. Thorough and easy to follow instructions. Hover over something and a pop-up will explain that button or doodad.

I love (LOVE!) the options to toggle different aspects of the game on and off, according to my preferences, so I get to play a customized game. Joe, you are amazing!! I am so excited to have this new game!


  1. Zhahn-Pam Castillo says:

    My husband is a gaming programmer. He is impressed. I am addicted to Killer clutter 11. Great music choices, visuals, puzzles, graphics, smooth scrolling. Movement is fluid. love being able to pause, leave the game, and not getting to cheat by studying the board. I have to actually think, memorize, concentrate on detail. I love not having to restart at the beginning of a level . I start at the puzzle that I was working on when I turned off my computer. I absolutely love this game; did I mention the variations of each puzzle? Joe keep up the great work.

  2. Yolanda Hignite says:

    Morning Joe 🙂
    First let me say that I love each and every game that I have bought from you. Hours and hours of enjoyment to say the least and with all the playing time I get in I have actually gotten quite good. You are the” Clutter Master.” I bought your Clutter 12: It’s About Time. Will be anxious to see what amazing 13 will look like.

    I have no complaints, but a suggestion perhaps for Clutter 13 when working on it. How about you dedicate 2 of your boxes of 144, and yes that was 2 for hard puzzles only. ALL HARD ONES and no easy ones mixed into them. That would give the player a choice of either playing and or trying them out. I feel that there are far easier to semi-easy puzzles then there are hard ones, and for that I made this suggestion.

    You keep up the good work Joe. You make so many of us happy each day we play your games. I drink my two cups of coffee every morning while playing your games and then sometimes before bed I play as well.
    Thank from a true fan forever,

  3. sue Dennis says:

    This really helped the quarantine go by a lot faster. Thanks, Joe!
    I miss playing the first four games I bought at Big Fish (they won’t download anymore) especially in the original game. I loved the game which moved the piece which was picked incorrectly. Any thoughts about revising that? Leigh’s wouldn’t even open. (got refunded for that, but I’d much rather have the game)
    And the white cubes – can’t get enough of them. So challenging! On some of the puzzles I think to myself “why am I doing this, I think I’ll switch to the next one” and then, bam, I see what I was looking for and happily continue finishing the puzzle. (not always in the time allowed, but I’ll get better)
    Does it say something about me that I nearly always get the donut puzzles completed in time?
    Hate the colored pixel sliders, feels like what you called brute force, am I missing a tip or something?
    Loved the slider records, pens, rubber bands and old TVs.
    This pandemic would have been so much worse if not for you and your wonderful mind! Please keep cluttering my life!

    • joe says:

      Hi Sue:
      You might try for the earlier games.
      I don’t think they require the 64-bit launcher, which might be the problem on Big Fish.
      (I think they let you do a test-run….so you should be able to see if they’ll run before you buy there).
      Hope that helps.

  4. sue Dennis says:

    This is game is the BEST so far! Eagerly awaiting the even dozen (with more donuts, I hope).

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