Clutter’s Greatest Hits

Clutter's Greatest Hits + The B-Sides

By far, the most challenging and exciting Clutter ever. More fun and challenging than even Clutter 12: It's About Time. Plushies, Pinwheels, Spinners all help to truly make this a Greatest Hits collection that you won't want to miss.
The Story is a companion piece to all the topics discussed in Clutter 12: It's About Time. This Time around, it's all about finding happiness as we get older in life. Come along as we all search for our own Perfect Song.
The Help Book is easier to navigate than ever, including a simple way to review all the Pop-Up Text in the game, as well as the Story.

And Joe's included 4 of his original Song Lyrics from back before he was an Indie-Game-Dev (Collector's Edition Only).

Buy Clutter's Greatest Hits - Collector's Edition for $20

I own all the prior versions, and I have to say this is the best. This is the first time ever since I started playing Clutters that I have finally conquered (so far) every level. I finished all of Section A and got the green light on every level. Now granted, I played with the timer turned off so I could take my time. I could not believe I conquered all the levels of that Section. I gave myself high fives as I progressed along. I had to replay a couple of levels that were more of a challenge, but I won, yea. So, I am going on to Section B. Looking forward to more future clutters. I will be 82 soon and hope to be around for more. Thanks Joe.
I think Clutter is about my favorite series. I am always excited to see a new version. They keep getting better. 'Have been playing for hours.
Joe, After 11 (Ki11erClutter), I didn’t think you could top it. Then came “It’s All About Time” and I thought OK this is it. Now here comes “Greatest Hits…”. What on earth is going on? I can’t stop playing these games. You have absolutely done it again!!!! I don’t wait for big fish anymore; I got the email from your site, and I just knew I had to have it now! You Rock!!! Keep them coming!!! Puzzles by Joe (Always and Forever).Your loyal game player, Denise
I just can’t say how great this game is. I love all of Joe’s Clutter games, but this might be the best yet. I would love to see more hearts. I love gap wars too… You can’t make these games fast enough for me. Thanks Joe!!?
Hi Joe, I just had to let you know how much I love your Clutter games. I have every single one. Just bought Clutter 13CE a couple of days ago when I discovered your site here. Before then my favourite was Ki11er Clutter. I play every evening. No timer, just relaxation and escape from my stressful life. I don’t know what I would do without Clutter. Through your games you have given me many, many hours of pleasure and kept me sane.

Since buying Clutter 13 and almost through the initial quest this is definitely my absolute favourite version. You really excelled! Clutter gets better and better! Your integral stories and observations are so interesting. You have put so much of yourself into these games. For that this granny is very grateful. With each version I worry that it will be the last, so I’m relieved to know there are several more in the pipeline. I’ll be buying them for sure! When the time comes for you to retire, then please sit back and reminisce and know that your work has been so worthwhile. Take care, Nissa


  1. Joyce Marie Lee says:

    I just can’t say how great this game is. I love all of Joe’s Clutter games, but this might be the best yet. I would love to see more hearts. I love gap wars too… You can’t make these games fast enough for me. Thanks Joe!!?


    Clutter’s Greatest Hits + The B-Sides

    First off let me say thank you for yet another exciting game. I hesitated in buying this game only because I felt perhaps you couldn’t change it up enough to keep my interest. Well, shut my mouth! You have far exceeded that. I start my day with playing your games for a couple hours while having my morning coffee. Joe you are a mastermind! I believe that playing your games keeps my mind active, alive and well. Enjoying your story as well as I can relate on a lot of things being the same age as you. You bring back a lot of wonderful memories reading your snippets with these games.

    One of your many # 1 fans,
    Yolanda H.

  3. Judy G. Noble says:

    Clutter Greatest Hit. What, no buttons? I had been playing older versions of Clutter and had thought of writing to ask if you would include some of the older button designs that haven’t been used in a while in an upcoming game. Imagine my disappointment when I find Greatest Hits on your site yesterday, download with great excitement, play through to the end only to discover no buttons. Terribly sad. I love all the new motion!

    • joe says:

      Hi Judy:

      Not 100% true.

      They are used in GapWar and in PopUpBoxes (Row 5).
      The Buttons have been mostly overused, and I wanted to give more time
      to the Shoes, Donuts and the total mixes of object sets.

      Otherwise, hope you’re enjoying everything else.

      PS….the Buttons were used a lot in the last few games.
      Especially #12….and also when I introduced the Stackers,
      and Cushions & Coins, etc… so that’s
      the main reason I didn’t use them too much for Clutter’s Greatest Hits.

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