Clutter Evolution: Beyond Xtreme

Clutter Evolution: Beyond Xtreme

While introducing newer, more active variations, Clutter Evolution tells the story of how the 10 Clutter games have changed and Evolved over the years. And over 1700 puzzles. How can you beat that?
Although quotes and a text story is back, it's still true (as it is in every Clutter Game) that every picture tells part of the story.

It's not always explicitly explained, but every picture it picked up specifically for that point in the game.
You can now hover over any icon or button in the game and a popup text will tell you more about it.

I'm sure many players don't read the Pop-Up Help, but there is always a lot of useful information in them as well

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I've been waiting eagerly for this next Clutter game and it did not disappoint! Love all the new game versions, especially Clutter Gap. And the hearts ROCK!! Way better than the Emojis. Kudos, Joe and Team! Well done!! Keep 'em coming, please...
Love it. It's really addictive. It sure isn't boring.

Superlative! Nuff said. Speaks for itself.

Much better than original. Both graphics and instructions.


Excellent Game.

I have most of the Clutter series and I love them all, especially the latest Clutter Extreme. I have MS and I told my doctor about these games and how I feel it has helped me to comprehend and remember items to match. Sometimes on rare occasions I have to use a hint but that does not bother me. Doctor said that is good and to keep it up, as my brain will not stagnant. Joe is a genius and I look forward to new ones he has in the making. I have prided myself on actually (really) understanding sliders and have conquered them. I am so happy. I love the hearts and chaos and everything clutter. Thank you Joe.
I have all the Clutter games, this one is bigger and better and harder. Thank you Joe, for helping me keep my brain active. Found some new tricks in this game, which help too. So waiting for the next version to come out, hopefully really soon
I have all the clutter games. Love them all. I was just thinking we need a new Clutter to fill our days stuck at home, and here it is. I can't get enough of these games. Keep them coming!


  1. carolyn says:

    Hi, just a question. How many different players can there be within the game at a time? I can’t find any information on changing or adding another person who wants to play. Thanks for any information you can share.

    • joe says:

      Hi Carolyn:

      In the later Clutters, look for the Group of Smileys on the Main Menu.
      (When you click on them you’ll see either 3 or 4 Smileys that represent
      different players. (No Names, Just Smileys)).

      Other than Clutter 1000, you can hover on the smileys for more information.
      (But I think it’s fairly obvious once you see the 3 or 4 smileys how to change between them,
      and/or reset a player).

      Hope that helps.

  2. Andrea Lucas says:

    I have enjoyed about 95% of your games. On the one hand my eyes can’t handle the really skinny sliders, but on the other I have become a fan of Box Quotes. Now I impatiently await the next. Any hints on when that may be?

  3. donpratt says:

    Hello Joe,
    Well, after NOT playing Clutter V for a long time, I played it a bit.
    It was fabulous how rusty I had become. My favorite game took me twice as long to finish.
    But i like that. Sort of means the games I have, will last me forever.
    How wonderful your Clutter creations are for those who know of Clutter.

  4. donpratt says:

    Hello Joe, I Now have Clutter 5, 6, 7 and X.
    After ignoring 5 and 6, the play of them is quite interesting; like new games. Terrific.
    Clutter X is a good workout causing me to think more about the graphics.

    In my case, I still enjoy the basic original game and graphics/pictures “the best”. So, I thoroughly like Clutter Seven close counts. In the sense of just enjoying the game. So glad I got it. Never get tired of it. And tend to choose Classic Clutter 7 most often.

    I have some favorites in ver X. Still getting used to everything there. Fabulous collection. Glad I can keep track of my favs. Also like the “Infinity Shuffles” and the one click Exit.
    Thanks again for doing Clutter!


    In clutter 9 you said the next game would be clutter 10 Return to clutterland.
    Why did you change?l

    • joe says:

      Hi Simao:
      Because it’s just the way it is.
      I used to enjoy old comic books (Marvel)….that had a next month “brub”…
      ….and they would tell you the title…and then most of the time it would
      change by the time the next month came out.
      For that one….I had an idea….and then it was just too complex….and
      although I had a bunch of Art done for it….I saved it to possibly use
      It’s one of the side-effects of being a solo-indie developer….is I get
      to follow my own whims and change my mind.
      Hope that helps.


        Thanks for replaying and for this excellent game.
        This game is amazing and in my opinion better than the last one.
        I hope you reintroduce the Rack Em Up games in Clutter 11

        • joe says:

          Rack’em will eventually make a return….but not in Ki11er Clutter.
          Just too many new Clutter variations to squeeze into this one.
          Glad you enjoy the games.

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