May Day – Clutter II

May Day – Clutter II

Because I work 3-days a week (sometimes from my home, sometimes at the office), I originally planned to use the 4 off days and devote them to Clutter-II. Although it took about 1 man-year to create clutter, I figure I could put out Clutter-II in less than half the time. I’ve been spending my “free time” getting this website running, thinking about Clutter-II, promoting Clutter (getting it on Amazon, packaging it up for at least 4 other languages), etc…

I’ve decided that the only way to ensure that I ship Clutter-II by September is to do at least a little actual “coding” on it, each and every day. I also want to blog each and every day, so I’ve decided each blog will have two parts. One part will be me rambling about whatever topic/story I feel like talking about that day. The other part will be a very brief description of what I plan to accomplish in Clutter for that day.

Today, for example. I want to create my Clutter-II directory and add the “difficulty” setting to the Options screen…and test that setting in the basic game.  It will go right beneath the Sound and Music settings and it will “snap to” just 5 degrees of difficulty. The harder settings will add 5 and 10 matches to each level and the easier settings will remove 5 or 10 objects. This might not work exactly as I hope, but it might, so it’s worth trying.

My true goal is to get Clutter-II “functionally” complete in the next 2 to 2.5 months, and then decide whether or not it needs a “face-lift”…or whether I want to sort-of make-fun of the fact that the game “looks” the same but plays differently.

So, to quote the dwarfs in Snow White – “I-O I-O it’s off to code I go”.


  1. Wendy Kase says:

    Hi – I am addicted like everyone else! I have one suggestion (wish!) for the next version – could you make an option to not have any hints? Maybe show a hint for the first time a level is reached – but I don’t want any more “automatic” suggestions. Or have a tutorial and then don’t have any more suggestions?
    Can’t wait! I’ve about memorized the whole thing by now (kidding!).

    Good luck to you in the future!

    • joe says:

      Thanks for the feedback Wendy:

      I’m definitely putting in an Auto-Hints check box in the Options area in Clutter II.
      Also…in Clutter I – I Think the auto-hints don’t happen if you play the clutter levels from the main menu (binoculars or Flashlight).


  2. Jane sutton says:

    i think that clutter is the most addictive game iv’e ever played thanx for hours of fun

    • joe says:

      Thanks Jane:

      That’s great to hear. Did you like/hate any of the mini-games…or are you just addicted to the main game?
      Is there anything we can do to make the sequel better?


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