Puzzles By Joe Gift Shop is now Open!!!

Yep, Check it out!!! A friend of mine suggested I do this, so I said “What the heck. Why not?” So, it’s my very own Puzzles By Joe Gift Shop. T-Shirts, Mugs, Glasses and Baseball Caps and more. Right now, it’s just the Puzzles By Joe logo, but if it seems worth it, I’ll ask one of my artists to make me a “I Love My Clutter” logo as well.

New Picture of The Week.

BottlesFive Matches. Can You Find them.

Clutter IV: Screenshot – 4.

Image6This is a variation on my Slider, Stretch, Jigsaw puzzles called Kaleidoscope.

Clutter IV: Screenshot-3.

WallpaperThis is a minigame called Wallpaper. As always, there are many variations and many levels of difficulty. It’s my new favorite.

Clutter IV: Screenshot-2.

Two QueensThat’s another screenshot from Clutter IV: Minigame Madness Tour. This is my first attempt at a non-puzzle-ly minigame. Feels more like a solitaire challenge. I can’t always beat it, but I liked both “Threes” by Asher Vollmer and “2048″ by Gabrielle Cirulli so much that I decided to create my own game with many variations using that mechanic.

The art in both screen shots is done by the extraordinary talented D. J. Curtin (who did most of the art I used in Clutter III).

Clutter IV: Screenshot-1.

Box QuotesThat’s a screenshot from Clutter IV: Minigame Madness Tour. You solve these puzzles by swapping letters within any vertical column. Whenever an entire word is correct, it locks into place.

I plan on having a Beta release in two weeks. Leave a comment if you’d like to play the Beata.

Clutter III – Now Available on Bigfish Games

It debuted at #23 and peaked at #21 soon. There were a lot of enthusiastic reviews from people that hadn’t even played Clutter or Clutter II. Thanks to all of you that enjoy the Clutter games. And thanks to all the great feedback on all the games.

Clutter III: Who is The Void?

Buy Clutter III Now

Clutter III still available directly from me as well.
Click above link to purchase.

Thanks to All my Excellent Beta-Testers!!!


And Clutter and Clutter II: He Said, She Said are still available on Bigfishgames, iWin and many other websites. If all goes well with selling Clutter III here, I’ll package those up as well. Thanks again…to everyone that’s been patiently waiting for the release of Clutter III.

Clutter II – He Said, She Said

Available Now on Big Fish Games

Just Released on iWin.

Now on iPlay and GameHouse.

Welcome to Puzzles by Joe 2.0 – PBJ’s for your Brain.

Nutritional (like Peanut Butter) but also Fun (like Jelly).

Quality Puzzle Games for your Desktop.

Unique games you won’t find anywhere else.


174 responses to Welcome:

  1. jay

    would love to play the beta for clutter IV, addicted to the other 3 so whats 1 more :)

  2. Kathy Pincura

    Hi Joe,
    I would really like to be a beta tester for Clutter IV.
    Have an incredible day !!!

    Thanks so much, Kathy

  3. Ben Gough

    “An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them.” I would love to test Clutter 4!

  4. mooncat

    Hey Joe!
    Really looking forward to all your new games, but sliders will always be my 1st love :-)
    Would love to do some beta!!!!!

  5. Ben Gough

    I thought that Clutter 4 was going to be the last one! What made you plan a Clutter 5?

    • joe

      Hey Ben:
      Clutter IV was originally planned to be what Clutter V: is now…but I slipped in Clutter IV: Minigame Madness for a variety of reasons, which is why I’m still doing Clutter V. Hope I’m not disappointing too many people with two more Clutter’s in the works. (hopefully both will be out this year).

  6. Ben Gough

    When are you going to release the 100 picture puzzles with sliders and other variants?

  7. sue

    I would love to be a tester of your Minigame Madness!

  8. E. W. Temple

    I would LOVE to have more sliders. And I would definitely come here to play.

  9. Linda

    I have C1 and C3. I mostly play the HOG and the slider and jigsaw games. I would love to have a slider game with more pictures!!!

  10. Sheila

    Hi, Joe. I love HOGs, and buy all my games at Big Fish Games. That’s where I came across your Clutter games, and bought the first one on Feb. 10th. I liked it so much that I bought the other two on Feb. 13th. I played them in order, and I’ve got to say that Clutter III is my favorite. I played the whole game. I am so addicted to Void Replay, that it is the only game I have played for months. I enjoyed the fact that each “screen” had a different “completion time”, which I try to beat (sometimes successfully). However, for the past few weeks, every time I get into Void Replay, every screen had a completion time of 1:52. I still kept playing. But, then, a few days ago, I noticed that, even though there are 50 matches to be made on each screen, the game would end at 39 or 41 matches. I thought something was wrong, so I re-installed the game. Of course, I had to start all over. My question is, how long do I have to play before I can get back into “Void Replay”, and play it like I have for the past few months? Also, will this happen again?

    LOVE YOUR GAMES, JOE, and will be checking back to see what you’ve been up to.

    • joe

      Hi Sheila:

      Thanks for posting your comment/question.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying my games.

      The 1:52 should be just the best time on that level…and will stay there until you beat it.
      (In Replay mode).
      As for the 41 or 39…is it possible you checked the
      Is it possible that in Options (from the Main Menu) you checked the
      “Win after Top Five Found” check box?

      That would make each level in the Void Replay end after the Top Five matches found.

      If that’s not the case…the only other thing I could suggest is to create a new user by
      using the Player Button.

      Lastly, Jack Lord was awesome…one of my favorite shows of all time was the original Hawaii Five-O.


  11. Roberta Smith

    to your question of the week: I would certainly buy such a game as you describe. Jigsaw puzzles are a favorite, both on and off the computer. Another is a matching game. If any of your future games are at all like your Clutter games, I would not be able to pass them by. Love them all!!!!

  12. Kris

    Please make the sliders and puzzler game!!! I have been looking all over for puzzle sliders and the stretch out puzzles… Love them on the clutter game! I really love all the mini games in the clutter game…. Please make more of these games…. I am addicted!!!

  13. Chris Silvis

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!! That is why I came to this site….to look and see if you had a Sliders only game, or if you had the sliders framework that allowed other pics/jpegs to be used to create the various Sliders formats. Purchased Clutter 3 from Gamehouse last week and did Void quest and checked out some of the mini games…particularly liked Sliders and Sudotris (sp). Thanks for such a wonderful game with such varied games within the game. There is surely something for everyone!! Chris

  14. Michelle

    Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I have Clutter 3 from Gamehouse and I lose all my progress every time I leave the game! I have had to restart 3 times now. Has this come up before?

    • joe

      Hi Michelle:
      Are you signing in as a new name?
      If not…are you clicking on “Void Quest” to resume the quest?
      Have you checked with Game House (are you in trial or have you bought it?)
      What does the Status say on the main menu screen?
      Any additional information might help me figure out what’s going on.
      You can also email me directly at

      • Michelle

        Hi Joe,
        I go in under the same profile name each time, and when I go into the Void Quest, it starts back at the first level. I have a FunPass membership on Gamehouse, so the full version is available to me because of my subscription. I have left a message on the Gamehouse forums as well.

  15. Ben Gough

    Where can I get one of those Puzzles By Joe mugs? It looks very cool!

    • joe

      Hey Ben:
      That Mug is currently one of a kind, created by a friend of my Wife.
      If you can find someone that can imprint Logo’s onto a Mug like he did….I think you could talk me into providing the Logo in a suitable format for you.

  16. Ben Gough

    I want to play the music from Clutter 3 using VLC Media Player. But there is a glitch I have encountered: it seems to think that they are all 0 seconds long so I can’t listen to them. What do I do?

    • joe

      Sorry Ben…it’s not allowed. That music can not be distributed for free. I can tell you where you can go buy it though (whichever songs you like).
      Basically, I’m not allowed to distribute that music in a copyable form…which is why it doesn’t work when you try to play it outside of clutter.

  17. Sandra

    Hi Joe…………….Love the mug !!!…………Where can I get one ??!!………..SS

  18. Sandra

    Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know that I’m a loyal fan of your Clutter games. I love being able to skip the mini games or play in the relaxed mode. I play the games over and over. I have other hidden object games but yours are my favorite. Seeing Clutter 3 made my day. It is the only game that I would ever purchase without playing it first, because of the inventor. Great Job !! You deserve the tip and then some !! Best Wishes for a wonderful and profitable future !! SS

  19. Verlinda

    I just purchased Clutter 3. Have the other 2 also. You have alot of comments about what other people liked and disliked. Just wanted you to know that I love and play all three games all the time. I don’t tire of them. Keep doing what you are doing! They are challenging but enjoyable and that is what I look for in a game. Keep them coming and good luck!!!

  20. Gary

    Had the chance to play Clutter II and was very impressed with the accuracy of your pointing device. The more the “clutter” the more accurate the pointer’s response. The game was well thought out and was nicely executed. The code must have been a killer. Well done Joe.

  21. Ben Gough

    Where’s GemShoot and Break the Bank? I found those game titles when I was tinkering with some of your older games. You’re the one who made them, Joe.

    • joe

      It’s GemShot, but you’re right…I should put those up too…but…it’s been on my list for a while to modify them into a try-before-you buy scenario…and Clutter has overtaken my life…and that’s where all my effort goes…hopefully by Summer…I’ll get those up and going again. (they’re pretty weak though….I wrote them before the Mah Jong Quest games I did for iWin).

  22. Ben Gough

    Is there any way I can turn off the “background clutter”, or extra clutter in Clutter 3? I mean not just in the game itself, but in the files that function the game.

  23. Kathy Pincura

    Hi Joe,

    Clutter 3 is totally amazing. So worth the cost. All of us that play it will be busy for months and months. Kudos for a fantastic job ~ to all of you !!!!!


  24. jay

    loving clutter 3 only issue I seem to have is when I pause a game then try to replay it nothing happens to be able to carry on playing but what works for me is knocking game down to taskbar and popping it back up takes the pause off so not a huge problem,,,also just curious what the 2 other games you are releasing (as said to jonathan) ….ty for your hard work in making this new clutter :))

    • joe

      Hi Jay: I’m planning on a game called Minigame Madness with Neverending Clutter (sort of a Clutter crossed with Tetris (not really..but still best description). After that…the plan was something called “Clutter IV: Clutter no More”…but that depends on the response to Clutter 3. I’m doing this 100% full time now…and that’s the plan. I did a lot of work while creating Clutter 3 to prepare for this (if you noticed….Clutter 3 is a 1024×768 screen while 1&2 were 800×600)…so I’m really hoping I can put a game out in 3 months and still have it be done well. Glad you’re enjoying the game. If you want to send email and describe the Pause/Replay issue in more depth I’ll look into it. (It’s supposed to work the same as C1 & C2…but you never know :-))

      • SSS

        I bought the new C3 but after it appears to be installing I get this message:

        The app has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect.


        • joe

          Hi Sharon:
          As far as I can determine this problem isn’t specific to Clutter-3 and it has to do with a mismatch of Microsoft Libraries. I’m researching what is recommended and will keep you informed. Have you played Clutter or Clutter II and if so, through which portal to you get those? (I believe they would have the same problem…but I’m trying to verify that as well.

  25. Well, I bought clutter 3 using the bmt micro, paid, tried to download my game and got almost done and then the page said that using this system could damage my computer????? Whats up with that, so I cancelled out of it, 10.00 paid, no game, what is going on, been waiting along time for this game and now I can’t even download it onto my computer, please advise

    • joe

      Hi Sharon:
      I’m looking into it and bouncing off my theories with people at BMT-Micro. I think it’s because your virus-check program doesn’t like that I’m not a “trusted” website (or doesn’t like the Setup.exe part of the install). I’ll keep you posted if I find out anything specific. I send you email with the phone number of BMT ordering which should be able to handle a refund for you.

  26. Jonathan

    My wife and son are very excited to have a new Clutter to play and the new puzzles look interesting too. I hope you are able to find some time to learn Unity or something similar soon I would love to see Clutter make its tablet debut.

  27. jay

    on ordering there is an option for full order on cd, if i dont click it how does the order come? is it download or by post and if not dc how plz?

  28. Ben Gough

    Sell it for $14.99.

  29. jay

    waiting in anticipation..its the 6th :)

  30. Ben Gough

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! It’s time for you to launch Clutter 3 on your website!

  31. Ben Gough

    Merry Christmas Joe!!! Thank you for reminding me that you’re almost done with Clutter 3.

  32. Benjamin Gough

    I believe that the “Puzzles by Joe page after every level” may be referring to the logo that appears when you quit the game.

    • joe

      That would mean, they quit after every level…which seems strange. But you might be right Ben. Clutter III…so very close to being done.

  33. billy

    when will the void be coming out to big fish games?

  34. Ben Gough

    I would suggest for a Stockpile Challenge letters, numbers, and symbols for Clutter 3! I think that Clutter 3 should have a Mahjong mini-game like the ones in Mahjong Quest. If you have any information about when Clutter 3 will really be released to Big Fish Games, post a comment on this page only. This message is for Joe to read.

  35. SusieQ

    Is it still possible to be a beta tester? I absolutely love your games!!! Hope that you had a happy birthday.

  36. Marsha Reifsteck

    I have played both clutter 1 and 2 so many times and would loveto have a cha ce to play clutter 3

  37. Yolie

    Joe, I was wondering if you would be releasing Clutter III on Amazon? That is where I downloaded your other two Clutter games. By the way, I just love Clutter II and play it every night. It is quite a fun game.

  38. shirley

    I would like to be a beta tester.

  39. Georgia

    I love clutter, both of them. It’s a well produced game with attention to detail with clear and gorgeous graphics. Leon and Ana add their comments to the mix and it’s delightful. There’s a lot of things to think about in their banter. I have a special liking for stockpile but I enjoy all the games.
    I’ve never been a beta tester so this would be something new for me. If you’d trust a newbie I’m up for the challenge. Thanks!

  40. Jen

    I LOVE both Clutter games and would be honored to be your beta tester. Let me know what I need to do. Thanks a million! Jen

  41. billy


  42. Summer is almost over. Pleeeeze, when will I be receiving my beta test for Clutter 3? I can’t wait.

  43. billy

    Where do you get the photos ( objects ) for the clutter rounds? ( I know some are from PhotoObjects.net )

  44. P Lew

    Found Clutter 2 on Big Fish – let’s just say I’m missing a lot of sleep. Please keep up the good work!

  45. Forest -- (FOREST is my entire legal name)

    LOVE the EGGS !

  46. Forest -- (FOREST is my entire legal name)

    Good thing I skimmed through ALL the comments or I wouldn’t have found the POST COMMENT button. Maybe a note at the top to lead us to the very bottom?

  47. billy

    I would Like a t-shirt ;)

    • Forest -- (FOREST is my entire legal name)

      What I love about the Clutter games:
      Clutter I is chock full of very helpful top-notch unclutter-advice, lightly spoken.
      The graphics are clear and likeable.
      I can play either game ten times a day without getting memorize-able repeats.
      When I turn it off, it simply closes. Period.

  48. Ben Gough

    I would really like to test Clutter 3!
    Email me at bengough@comcast.net!

  49. billy

    about stockpile challenge Categories I likes the art and the toys

  50. billy

    sorry :/ I got my email address wrong… ( I would like to test who is the void.) so can you send me the beta for clutter?

    by the way my last name is conn. (for the credits)

  51. billy

    can you please send me the beta of clutter III?

  52. billy




  53. billy

    Happy 4th of July everybody!!!!!!!! ;)

  54. billy

    dear Joey….

    please send me the beta of clutter 3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    from Billy

  55. Ben Gough

    Hi, Joe!

    I really love your Clutter game! I want to be a Beta Tester for Clutter 3. Could you send Clutter 3 Beta to me so I can test it?

    Ben Gough

  56. billy

    Can you do the flashlight rounds with shadow play, what is the next thing on three strikes your out?

  57. Pixie921

    Love your Clutter games and was the first one to rate Clutter II on Bigfishgames. Would love to beta test Clutter III.

    It would be an honor

  58. billy

    Hi Joey, I think there should be marbles in rack’em three

    • joe

      So the “Rack’Em” in Clutter 1…is the Coins right?
      Well…for Clutter III, there is a Sudoku crossed with Tetris…that hopefully will appeal the the Rack’Em fans.


  59. JMP

    Muy bueno el juego, no veo el momento de poder jugarlo, en la seguridad de que debe ser tan bueno o mejor que los anteriores, desde Argentina a la espera de la version beta para probarlo

  60. Lorna Buck

    Both Clutter games are among my favourites of all time; I play one or the other (usually II) every day. Please let me beta test Clutter III. Hope it has the same felxibility that Clutter II has so cleverly, and that there are loads of stockpile challenges or similar!

  61. Lynda

    I love playing Clutter and Clutter 2. I play them over and over and over. They are both nice relaxing games. I would love to be a tester for Clutter 3. I’ve been waiting a long time for it to come out!

  62. Rozzella K

    Hi Joe. Came back to check on the status of Clutter III. I don’t know how many times I’ve played one and two now. Many times. I’d love to be a Beta Tester. Love these games; there is nothing else like this in the market.

  63. Joe, why did you create Leon Poncelette? Is Ana a real person? Did you just make up all that stuff about their ancestors, likes, and accomplishments? Who are the pictures of? Sorry to be nosy, but I believed all that stuff until I read that he wasn’t real.

  64. Ben Gough

    Uggh… When exactly is Clutter 3 going to come out?

  65. Lena

    Joe, love clutter , play it all the time, thank you for all the work you put into it. And I would be interested in being a Beta Tester for Clutter 3 .

    Thanks Joe, Lena

  66. Ben Gough

    Hello Joe! I can’t wait for Clutter 3 to come out. In Clutter 2, is there anyway to increase the number of matches other than using the Difficulty Slider in the Options menu? I really love it!

  67. I’m hooked on Clutter I and II and just about any hidden object game…when I chose the binocular and match 50 pairs, my best time is 2:12. I would be honored to Beta Test Clutter III.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Karen Kremer

  68. Kathy Pincura

    Hurrah…it’s on it’s way.. soon. I would love to be a tester for Clutter 3. I have been waiting so patiently and must play Clutter II everyday. Have to have my Clutter II fix !!! Thanks to all of you for working so hard to give us Clutter 3. What an incredibly talented group to keep giving us fantastic games !!!

    Wish all of you a beautiful day !!!!

  69. Bronie Rowan

    I am absolutely addicted to the Clutter games. I was actually Googling to see if there would be a Clutter 3 and I am excited to see that it will be made.

  70. Diane Bryant

    I play the clutter games a lot and am thrilled you are coming out with # 3. Would love to Beta test it! Will definitely buy it!

    • joe

      Hi Diane:

      I hope you see this. I tried to send an email reply…but it got bounced.
      Send me an email at JoeCassavaugh@aol.com or leave a different email here.
      Thanks for the nice comment.
      Hope you left me a nice review wherever you played my games.

  71. Sandy DeSandre

    Hi Joe…

    Just recently discovered the Clutter games. I bought Clutter II first and then the first one. Love Clutter II! I’m well into Clutter I and I’m still waiting for it to get challenging. So far it’s not that fun because it’s too easy. I’m thrilled there will be a Clutter III, but really hope you will give us the difficulty option like in Clutter II, and maybe even a crazy difficulty option for those of us who don’t want to lazily beat each level on the first try (makes the game last longer). Thanks Joe!


  72. Teresa Overstreet

    I am truly addicted to Clutter 2. I want 1 and 3 but, I only have dial-up out here in the sticks. Is there anyway to purchase these? Your game relieves stress for me. Thanks..keep up the good work!

  73. nola Gunnesch

    I would love to be a beta tester for clutter III. I play 1 and 2 when ever I am bored and need a few minutes of pick me up, Usually everyday for about an hour or more.

  74. Jonathan

    My wife and son both love clutter 1 and 2. We would love to help test. i think they would also love multiple player logins, so they don’t have to share the game.


  75. Jan

    I love both Clutter 1 & Clutter 2, I’m thrilled to hear there’s to be a Clutter 3! BTW, I would love to be a Beta tester, what are the requirements? Thanks for the fun, Jan

  76. Debbie

    Hi. Love both games. Just wondering what kind of animals are making those screeching sounds in the background?

    • joe

      Hi Delyla:

      Glad you’re enjoying the games. I’m not sure what you mean by “what kind of animals are making those screeching sounds” in the background…are you referring to the ambient treadmill noises?

      Thanks for taking the time to comment here.


  77. Rozzella K

    Very glad to hear you’re planning a Clutter III. The first two versions are favorites of our family. Two things I dislike are the coordinates “find the spot” thing at the end of a level (I find this pointless); and on the mini game where you have to find the correct spot within a larger picture, the cursor gets “stuck” as you try to move up to the SKIP button. I always skip this one because there’s no challenge; when you are over the correct area on the picture there is a color change.

    But overall, love these games. They have great replay value. Thank you!!

    • joe

      Hi Rozzella:

      Thank you for all the feedback.
      The “Find the Spot” thing…is more for the “surprise” of what you find…than finding it…but I hear you. I believe the Skip is just a delay for a few seconds so people know they’re locked into the game part. (It goes away, I think).

      Many people have told me how much they love the games…but I’m still trying to get some of the details right. My philosophy, is that I try to put so much variety in the games….that if you don’t like one of the minigames, there’s always another different one that you might like. (For instance…you’d be surprised at how many people hated the Clock puzzle, but then there were quite a few, who comment on the Clock being their favorite.

      Thanks again for writing….Hope you left me a nice review wherever you played the game.


      • Sallie

        I only have Clutter II, and I have these comments: 1) I really enjoy this game, as I have virtually (get it? virtually?) abandoned most of my other games; 2) I WANT MORE PLATES, they are totally under represented. I’m talking about the mini game where you select three from the end of the rows; 3) I would like to play the Pool game IF the cursor would obey my commands. However, it may be because I’m using Windows 8. But if not, can you please send me a patch? 4) It would be nice to see some fireworks and a banner saying “congratulations” when I do happen to beat the time clock on a mini game.

        I sound like a complainer, don’t I. Imagine how I would sound if I didn’t love the game!


    • I agree that these games are such enjoyment, but the he said she said with the darn clock and pool balls was NOT fun and I had to skip each one and having bad eyes the flashlight one is a royal pain, but the main game of de-cluttering is fun and I play both games over and over and never get tired of them, I hope you continue, but leave that clock out and skip some of the puzzle in between declutterinng, not fun….mostly I skip them, but keep up the good work like in Clutter 1……!!

      • joe

        Hi Rebecca:

        Well…first, thanks for the nice comments. Yeah…the clock and pool balls are not for everyone. At least in Clutter II, you can skip the Minigames (in options…I hope you play it that way).


  78. Love the games 1 and 2 and cant wait for the next one. I play it all the time great exercise for the brain.
    Send e-mail when it is available.

    • joe

      Hi William:

      Working on Clutter 2.5 now. (Clutter Extreme: Minigame Madness).
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Have a good Turkey Day.


      • Lynn Ford

        I am addicted to CLUTTER 1 and HE SAID SHE SAID. I own many Big Fish games that are going to waste because I only play your CLUTTER games. Some times I have both games going at the same time!! Please get another out there soon. I think you’re a genius!! Thank you for entertaing me in such a wonderful way.

        • Lynn Ford

          I’m still patiently awaiting Clutter “THE VOID”. Please tell me it’s on its way soon. I still haven’t played anything except my Clutter games and my sister keeps bugging me about Clutter III and when it;s going to be availabe, so what’s the scoop dear friend?

    • Kat

      I love the first two games and play them over and over again. I love the Egg displays alot. It depends on my mood whether I play the mini games. I appreciate the skip button so I’m not locked into the game. I am very much looking forward to your next game and hope to see it on Big Fish Games very soon.

  79. Kathy Pincura

    Awesome job on Clutter II. Have to play it everyday !!! I’ve been totally hooked ~ the stockpile challenge 5/5 is my all time favorite vice and love the 3 on a match ~ plates, since it came out in May. I still think you need to include a ” support group ” with the game… hahaha
    In Clutter 3 please include other challenges like my faves mentioned above…

    A million thanks to you, Joe, and your whole dynamite team. You absolutely make my day EVERYDAY.
    Hope your holidays are fantastic !!!

  80. Tammy

    Have played Clutter 1 & 2 over and over, giving myself new challenges each time, for example: try to get through using no hints, trying to do it without any misclicks, etc. I just wish there were a “high score” or “leaderboard” option to the game so each of the family members can try to outdo the high scorer. Unless we keep a piece of paper with each person’s name listed and then write down each score, we have no idea how we are doing against each other. Would like to see a “clutter 3″ someday.

    • joe

      Hi Tammy:

      Glad you’ve enjoyed my games. Definitely planning on a Clutter 3 next year…next game this year is going to be called Minigame Madness (Featuring Extreme Clutter). Thanks for writing.

  81. KATE

    I like the whole idea of clutter. story and game. am going to get clutter 2 for sure.

  82. Mady


    I was just replaying Clutter II for the umpteenth time and would like to offer one small suggestion. I play on the most difficult level and sometimes it takes several tries to get it done. I would love an option that did not permit the time allowed to complete a game to go up as you fail…just so you have to fight it out until you get the results you need in the original time alotted. Aside from that, really love the game and am looking forward to Clutter III.


  83. Theresa Arnold

    I have played the Clutters over and over. I just went through chemo and find the challenges good for my ‘chemo brain’.. Thank you and am looking forward to #3. Wrote down all the clutterisms because they are true and wise and writing helps me remember. Who are the nice faces you used in C2? Love hidden object games! Thanks again

  84. I really like Clutter! It’s fun, but more than that, it works as a great early morning exercise for my brain! Can’t wait for October Joe!

  85. MARY

    I need Clutter 3 NOW! When will it be here

  86. Bee

    I love the games. I’ve played them both through many times. Is there a way in Clutter II to just do the Stockpile games at the end? Some days I am just ready for a little challenge. Keep up the good work!

    • joe

      Hi Bee:

      Yes, you can play just the Stockpile challenges.
      From the Main Menu screen click on either the Flashlight or the Binoculars.
      If you go to Style 5 – you will get the Stockpile Challenges (5 in each).
      They aren’t timed there…but it does keep track of your best time.


  87. Marika

    Wonderful little games, though they do tend to be a bit “preachy”. Yes, I can turn it off, but I have to admit that I find it wiggling into my brain that I really do have to clean my home up. The more I play these two games, the more I feel I have to clean. Insidious. *wink*

    My biggest request is for a game that can be more like an adventure, where you can “unlock” areas by doing the puzzles. I don’t mind the “hidden object” part of these games, but I bought them for the puzzles. Can’t get enough of the puzzles. Yours are very different and that is what keeps me coming back. Also, it would be really great to have no timers at all as an option. That would mean the “2 minute challenges” as well. Perhaps you could give more hint coins to those who use the timer and less to those who don’t? I play games to relax, not to run myself ragged trying to race through something in record time. No timers at all would make them very enjoyable little games.

    Speaking of hint coins, could you raise the limit from 99 to something like 999? It would be great to be able to see how high you can take it without the counter running out. Perhaps two counters, one showing how many you have and one showing how many you’ve used? Maybe there could be bonus puzzles for those who complete the game with only 30 or less hints used? Just a thought.

    Also, I would prefer to have the option to drop the voice overs and to skip the “theatre screen” part. Once you’ve seen and heard “welcome back to He Said She Said with Leon and Ana” a dozen times, it really gets tired.

    Again, they are fun games and I’m glad I bought them (through Big Fish). I wish you much success for the future and hope to see more games by you. A very big thank you.


    • joe

      Hi Marika:

      Some people took it as preachy…but it’s very, very easy to ignore the story elements…but mainly I was trying to be helpful, silly and/or funny in parts. I actually care way more about the gameplay than the story…but you need the story to be “a complete game”…so that’s why it’s in there.

      Thank you for your comments and suggestions.


  88. M Backus

    I like and enjoy playing this game. But there should be a way to get to the game quicker and also at the end too lone with the pictures. There should be a option to see them or not. Nice pictures.

  89. MARY

    Clutter is my game please keep making more I will buy all of them!

  90. Nicky

    Hi Joe,

    Just been told that Clutter 1 won’t load on Windows 7

    • joe

      Hi Nicky:

      I don’t believe that’s true. It should have no problems on Windows 7.
      Can you be more specific about what you think the problem is.


  91. nicky

    Hi Joe,
    I absolutely love both clutters. I have no trouble with either of them. I am always up for a challenge and don’t think you should change anything.
    When is clutter 3 coming out.
    Great job keep it up.
    The harder the better!!!!


  92. RaisedByCats


    I have bought Clutter2 from Big Fish and while I love the game, there are some real bugs in it, particularly the sliding puzzle game. You complete the puzzle and then the game doesn’t complete – instead you get co-ordinates coming up as you move the cursor. You have to click skip and then the results come up. Perhaps something was left in debug mode? As for the final moving stones game, I still can’t figure what on earth its all about.

    • joe

      Hi Suz:

      In the Sliding puzzles…once you finish them…you can move the cursor…until the numbers that are showing…match the numbers up top. (and sometimes the words at the bottom give you a clue as to where that is).

      It’s also ok…to hit the skip button…but you really can find the hidden spot fairly easily. (move the cursor slowly…and you’ll hopefully see how it’s connected to the numbers showing).

      And the final moving stones game…was just a puzzle-way of making the point, that you should try everything (and not always just what you want). Basically…if a stone is picked at random…and if you don’t pick it…it keeps swapping with the one you pick…until you pick it…then it pops off.

      I’ll try to do better with my instructions next time. (but in the last puzzle…I was trying for an “Ah-ha” moment…and not an…”Maybe it’s a bug” moment. :-)

      Thank you for taking the time to find my web-site…and let me know about it.


  93. Martha Jourdan

    Have enjoyed both your Clutter games and hope a third is in the works. If so, please include a way for a quick exit from the game, such as an exit button or menu button always on screen.

  94. Eric

    Hi, Joe:

    Was Clutter II going to be available through you or Amazon so we can avoid Big Fish? I sent you a PM but maybe you didn’t get it. Thanks!

    • joe

      Hi Eric:

      Yes, I’m trying to get it on Amazon now. It will also be on iWin next Tuesday.
      (I’m having difficulty contracting the right people at Amazon…so I don’t know yet when it will be available.


  95. Elizabeth Compton

    He Said She Said – Love this game. My daughter and I were very excited to have this one since we wore the first Clutter out.

    At the end of level 7, I believe, there is a photo of runners. Could you tell me where and when this photo was taken and if you know the names of the people on the first line? The couple looks familiar to me and I’m wondering if they are people I knew years ago….thanks.

    • joe

      Hi Elizabeth:

      Glad you’re enjoying the game.

      That is the Zurich Marathon in 2010. It’s from the wiki commons.
      In the blow up, you can read their names – Brutschin, Silva, and Wegmann


  96. joanne

    me and my partner loves these sort of games have you got anymore that you have done or that is comming out before september as i would love more of your games please. just two things be nice if you could turn of the timer on clutter 1 and a range of diffrent puzzles and more levels

  97. clutter is AWESOME!!!!! hope i can get clutter 2 soon enough. aunt and dad likes it.

  98. Eric

    It may have been Big Fish, but I didn’t like their game manager.

    I’ll PM you.


  99. Eric

    Is there any way other than Big Fish to get Clutter II?

    • joe

      Hi Eric:

      Right now, it’s just on Big Fish Games. Eventually it will be on iWin…and also Amazon.
      I’ve thought about selling it directly myself, but I haven’t set that up yet (and it’s a bit of a pain to do the support end of things).

      I’m open to suggestions though, and I do have the ability to put a copy on my website and let someone download it.
      And I can accept donations through Paypal at this time.
      Where did you play/buy Clutter-I?


  100. Gayle

    I love both Clutters. The only thing I didn’t like in Clutter 2 was that the skip button was in the playing field. I skipped a couple of boards when I really didn’t want to. So, if there is a Clutter 3 (please please please) put the skip button somewhere else. Thanks for your good work!


    • joe

      Hi Gayle:

      That’s a great point…I tried to put it far enough away that it didn’t matter….but I could have done that better. I’ll figure out a different way for the next game.

      Thanks for taking the time to let me know that.


  101. Liz

    I have faithfully looked for this game every day on Bigfish. If I could have reviewed Clutter more than once I would have, but I was happy I was the first. I cannot wait for May. What a great Mother’s Day present.

  102. Chris

    Yes!!! You should sell it now. We’ve been waiting forever for it. Please.

  103. Benjamin Gough

    April 2nd, 2012 is five days from now! Thanks Joe! I really like to play Clutter! I’m looking forward to the sequel!

  104. Eric

    Please make it available from you, too. Some of us don’t like having to use the Big Fish game client. Thanks!

  105. Tom Redjou

    I can’t run Clutter on my computer. The program tries to set the Vertical Frequency to 85 Hz but my monitor will not go faster than 75 Hz. Is there some setting I can make to the game to slow the Vertical rate down?


  106. Sue

    By bad! I was asking about the timer in Clutter One. Please??

  107. sue

    Hi Joe,

    I absolutely LOVE this game! I do have a question – my young niece also likes this game but due to her age, she needs more time. Is there a way to stop or pause the timer??

    Thanks in advance!

    • joe

      Hi Sue:

      Either set the difficulty all the way to the left (easiest) or turn Timer Off (Uncheck Timer)

      Both are in the Options dialog (either from the main menu…or clicking menu/options in the game).


  108. anne robison

    Love it!!! There is no word for it!!!!

    (Clutter) I must have sent this game back to you about 50 times, and want it back again. Thinking of buying it!!!! but I join the club, and I pay monthly. I got 300,000 points for playing Clutter, it’s like cigarettes, addicting! What other puzzles do you have???? Anne

    • joe

      Thanks Anne:

      Hoping to have Clutter II done by the end of October. You can download “Rack’em Too” to try out one of my mini-games from it. You can also search around here for my older games (they’re not as good as Clutter but you might find something you like).

      Is there anything you would improve upon in Clutter? Anything you would like to have the game do differently?

      Thanks again for the nice words.


  109. Val

    Love, Love, Love Clutter. It’s my go to game when I am bored with other games. Can’t wait for part two.

    • joe

      Thanks Val:

      Can you tell me about your favorite parts?
      And is there anything you would change?
      What can I do better in Clutter II?

      Thanks again…Joe

  110. i would like for u to make a clutter part two ive beaten this game over 50 times, my son and my daughter beat it over and over and they just learned how to play last month they think its really challenging

    • joe

      Thanks. I’m working on the sequel now. Hoping to have it done by the end of September.

      • I LOVE Clutter and look forward to Clutter 2.

        Here are a couple of things I would love to see -
        1. A little less time spent in between playing. It seems like there is too much ‘air’ in the game.
        2. I would like to be able to play different jigsaw style puzzles. At this time, I can only play about 4 different puzzles. It is great that I can do them in styles and difficulty levels!!! Can you put a place that I can enter my own photos?

        Otherwise, I love it and hope to see something new soon!


        • joe

          Hi Pat:

          It will let you play as many picture postcards as you’ve seen in the game. There is a bug…that if you’ve replayed the main game, then it will still limit you. I suggest going back in the main game and playing it further and then it will let you see more postcards for the picture puzzles.

          You can also play just the Clutter by itself, by clicking on the Flashlight and the Binoculars from the main menu. (Each one let’s you play 25 variations).

          Thank you for writing.


        • joe

          Hi again Pat:

          Can you elaborate on the too much “air”?

          The mini-games are all easily skipped (including the Postcard Game).
          There is no requirement to read the stuff at the end of each level and although the rock screen and book must be navigated through, you don’t have to read them either.

          Would you want an option that says “Skip Story”?
          Was the pop-up help too annoying?
          Would you want a “No more help” option too?

          As always, any and all feedback will be appreciated.


          • Thanks for your responses.

            Too much ‘air’ was where there was clapping. It does not have a method to go to the Menu and stop the clapping.

            I have finished the game twice but still can only play 5 of the post cards. The other day, as I finished the whole thing, I could play about 20 puzzles but when I returned today, back to the original 5 only. That is what happened the first go around too.

            I can’t wait for the next version and would like to do the beta as well, if you need more testers.


          • joe

            Thanks Pat:

            I’ll look into the postcard problem…and see if I can email you a quick fix that will allow you access to all 60 postcards.


        • joe

          Hi Pat:

          If you can find the game.cfg file that goes with the game. (usually in “\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PuzzlesByJoe”).

          You can then just edit the “pram2=” parameter…..and set it to something like “pram2=77″

          That should get you all the postcards.

          Good Luck

  111. Sue

    I wish there were more games like Clutter. my husband and I sit for hours playing this game. It is relaxing and the challenge is great. please send more out there. thank you

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