Love My Customers

Love My Customers

First, I wasn’t sure what to title this. I just hit 50 sales and I wanted to take a moment just to tell my customers how happy it makes me to know that some people really enjoy the Clutter games.

I put this version of the website up a couple of years ago in order to get more feedback on my first Clutter game. I don’t spend a lot of time on it because it takes me away from working on the next game, but I read anything people post here and I try to blog occasionally just to give people who visit here something different to read. Other than that, it’s just a status occasionally on the main page. I’ve had over 200 people take the Survey and I need to put a new one up…but the feedback is appreciated. And I’ve only had about 80 people comment beyond the Survey.

So to have 50 sales fairly quickly means that a lot of people check out my site (about 150 a day)…but only a rare few decide to comment.

But I want to say it’s the rare few that do comment that make my day. It’s difficult to explain exactly why I enjoy hearing from anyone who’s played Clutter…but I do. Whether it’s compliments or complaints I enjoy the feedback. I also like noticing where in the world people are from and I’m thinking of starting a World Map (and/or a US Map) to mark the places that people play Clutter.

I’ve been creating games for many years now with varying degrees of success mostly creating games for other companies…but this is the first time I’ve really had a chance to hear from the people that play them.

And I do appreciate my customers (love might be too strong a word) because they make it possible for me to make more “Joe” games. And hearing your thoughts just gets me motivated for the next one.

I don’t think I’m saying it well…but thanks for stopping by, and doubly thanks for anyone who’s ever commented here. It’s been a learning experience for me…and it’s always a better day when I even get one comment from someone who enjoys the Clutter games.





  1. Janice L. says:

    Help! I’m hooked on the slider mini-game!!! It’s so addictive ….

  2. Judy Chromik says:

    Thanks so much for keeping me on your mailing list and notifying me of Clutter IV. I LOVE IT! I am so addicted I could barely walk away from the computer for anything. The extreme butterflies about sent me over the edge. I had a blast from start to finish with each puzzle to work on. There’s a clutter V in the works! I can’t wait. Thanks for doing what you do.

  3. Roberta Smith says:

    I purchased Clutter III last week & finished it in 2 days, logging on whenever I had a few spare minutes to play. I loved Clutter I & II. I played Clutter I one time just to write down many of the comments as I have a problem with clutter of my own & found many of them helpful. And not just with clutter either. Of the mini games, my favorites are the memory games ( a matching game would be nice, I think), and the plates. I love the stockpile challenges. A good thing about Clutter III is that one can pick out what they want to play. Thanks for some great games. I hope you continue to create more.

  4. Linda Lake says:

    I cannot tell you how amazing Clutter I, II, and III are! I am absolutely hooked on these games and it is certainly a brain “exercising”. I love the photographs, also.

  5. Ms. Becky says:

    Your brilliance is blinding. That is a good thing. Oh that I might lose my sight momentarily to experience your genius in the games you create for us. Thank you. Have a beautiful day.

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