Clutter III – Updates and Questions Asked

Clutter III – Updates and Questions Asked

First, I just got my 3rd Tip/Donation yesterday. Truly awesome (I obviously missed the 2nd Tip or I’m sure I would have blogged about that too). Also, I wanted to thank everyone who played the 1st Hour Playable Beta and provided feedback. Feedback is always appreciated and there were no big surprises there so I believe I’m on track for wrapping up Clutter III over the next 3-4 weeks. But, even if I was done today…it would take a month or even 2 for Big Fish to get it on it’s site.

So, I have a question. Should I even think about selling Clutter III – directly from Puzzles By Joe before it’s even on Big Fish? Would enough people buy it directly here to make it worthwhile for me to do that?

I’m finalizing all the Clutter levels this week and then the following week I will be finalizing all the Story/Picture elements. After that, it will be final tweaks to some of the minigames, a lot of play testing and then I’m hoping to be done.

Last question…Does anyone want to see teaser screen shots for the game? There is a lot of stuff that I didn’t want to show in the Beta that I’m very happy with.

To those of you who’ve told me how much you really enjoyed the Eggs in Clutter II (along with the other Stockpile Challenges) – you just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

On my questions from above, let me know what you think by adding a comment.

Thanks in advance…Joe


  1. Judy C says:

    I would definitely buy Clutter III directly from you. Also in answer to the “remove 5 and move on” I think some of each would be great. If you sell directly do you think you’ll offer it as simply a download or a download with a back up cd? The only advantage to big fish is if you get a new computer or have a crash…your games you purchased are still there to redownload at big fish. Can’t wait for Clutter III…what a nice Christmas present that would be! Also…any of your Clutter games playable on MAC’s?

    • joe says:

      I’ve already decided that the main game will not end after the 5 objects are found…but there is an option to make it behave that way. (Most (almost everyone) preferred to find all the objects). Letters, Coins and Puzzle Pieces are all supposed to be removed now as well (by the player)…but again, an Option (settable by the player) is available to lock-them-down and make the player look around them.

      And Sorry…but there is no Mac version.

  2. Candi L Amsler says:

    Dear Joe, I am addicted to Clutter 2 and must play every day!! Can’t wait for Clutter 3. I love ALL the options in 2 especially the no timer option. Start working on 4!!! LOL

  3. Rozzella K says:

    Hi Joe
    Please do put Clutter 3 up here; I’d be happy to buy it directly.

    I’ve played the Beta game a few times. I’m finding my cursor moves sluggishly on all but the actual game screens. I also find it tricky to navigate around the game. I really don’t like the jigsaw; it’s so easy, and seems pointless. And I have to be honest and say I don’t find this version as visually pleasing as the other two (not the game screens, but the menu screens). Will you have adjustable difficulty levels again? I’ve been very glad to have it on Clutter II, and I play the game far more because of this.

    I also wish that I could turn off the “find five things” option, as I don’t WANT a shortcut; I want to have to find everything, and avoiding the five items at the top is a pain.

    I do like the objects in this first section, and the colors are fabulous, as always.


    • joe says:

      Hi Rozelle:

      Thanks for all the feedback. There will be a non-Void Quest that you will be able to play. As for the Sluggishness of the Cursor, that should go away by the final release. Although the Jigsaw is easy, it’s part of the story, so it’s staying for now. It will go away (in the final release) when you unclick Show Book from the options screen (Probably changing it to Show Story though). As for the “find five things”…I should probably at an option that says…don’t end on Five-Things-Found….or maybe I should just have them Clear the Void Blockers but not end the game. I think I’ll go ask that on the main welcome screen. See what I get for a reply.

      • Rozzella K says:

        Thanks for that info, Joe. I think having an option to skip the story part of a game is always a good thing. I can hardly wait for Clutter III; I’ve played Clutter II a ridiculous number of times, lol!

  4. Linda Hansen says:

    Yes, please have clutter 3 available to buy from you direct!!! I check your site almost every day trying to find out when it will be available for purchase. Thanks for creating these clutter games….they are totally awesome!!

  5. Geordie Black says:

    I would buy the game from wherever I can get it first. I love the first two games and have been waiting for the new one. I haven’t played another hidden object game since I got Clutter II and I play it a lot.

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