Clutter III – Updates and Questions Asked

Clutter III – Updates and Questions Asked

First, I just got my 3rd Tip/Donation yesterday. Truly awesome (I obviously missed the 2nd Tip or I’m sure I would have blogged about that too). Also, I wanted to thank everyone who played the 1st Hour Playable Beta and provided feedback. Feedback is always appreciated and there were no big surprises there so I believe I’m on track for wrapping up Clutter III over the next 3-4 weeks. But, even if I was done today…it would take a month or even 2 for Big Fish to get it on it’s site.

So, I have a question. Should I even think about selling Clutter III – directly from Puzzles By Joe before it’s even on Big Fish? Would enough people buy it directly here to make it worthwhile for me to do that?

I’m finalizing all the Clutter levels this week and then the following week I will be finalizing all the Story/Picture elements. After that, it will be final tweaks to some of the minigames, a lot of play testing and then I’m hoping to be done.

Last question…Does anyone want to see teaser screen shots for the game? There is a lot of stuff that I didn’t want to show in the Beta that I’m very happy with.

To those of you who’ve told me how much you really enjoyed the Eggs in Clutter II (along with the other Stockpile Challenges) – you just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

On my questions from above, let me know what you think by adding a comment.

Thanks in advance…Joe


  1. Marika says:

    Dear Joe,
    I wanted to thank you for Clutter III and mention a little something that you might like to think on for the next game you release in the series. (I certainly hope that there will be more!) On the level where you introduce reverse images (playing card challenge), you asked if this was going a bit too far. I presumed you meant by challenge level. For most people, I’m sure it’s not. For people with dislexyia, such as myself, it was a bit of a nightmare. Something that should have taken only a few minutes took me nearly an hour to complete. I nearly gave up, but I was determined to go on. As it is, I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about playing any more of the game in case another should pop up. Might I suggest that you limit the number of these or make it possible to skip a puzzle or two? Perhaps I just didn’t notice the “skip puzzle” button, but I don’t think so.

    Please don’t get me wrong. I love a challenge. I pride myself on getting 100% accuracy and not using coins as much as possible. It’s just that this was not something I can control at all and others with more severe cases than mine (which is relatively mild) will be frustrated and not come to enjoy these games as much as we should. Just a little thought.

    One other small thing, sir: if you include PayPal in your choices for your tip jar, I will gladly pop some change in. I think you might find it worth the effort to find a way to add it, since it’s a rather popular form of payment online these days.

    Great games! Thank you so much for your wonderful contributions to the gaming community!


    • Marika says:

      Thanks for clarifying for me that the Donate button actually leads to PayPal. My eyesight’s not so hot and sometimes I need a bigger font than I do on other days. I should have waited for a good day before making the comment. Live and learn! *haha*

      Before I go, let me add that I just finished the Quest Mode and wanted to answer a question or two that you posed to the community who buy your games. First, should there be no story in the next game? There should be a story. If people don’t care for it, you provide enough ways to skip it. Choice is always a good option. Besides, some of us who take the time to read everything actually benefit from bits of wisdom. Second, is it preachy? I suppose it can be looked at that way, but if someone says anything that another person isn’t happy with, they’re going to look unfavourably on it no matter what. The important thing is that no matter how they might feel about it, it’s going into the subconscious forever and might become useful someday. You will have done them a service, whether they realize it right now or not. Lastly, should there even be another game? Absolutely! In this world where so many game companies are trying to make the biggest, brightest spectacles at the expense of anything thoughful, your games offer something else. You give us all another option, something with a little (or a lot) of brain exercise. Not just another shooter. Not saying that spectacle isn’t fun, I have loads of them, but your games offer something different from the same old thing. A welcome change.

      I look forward to more Clutter and your brilliant mini-games. Even the tough ones. Best wishes!


      • joe says:

        Thanks Marika: Your thoughtful comments made my day. I’m busy working on the next couple of games and plan on releasing them a bit more frequently now. — Joe

  2. Latiefa Taliep says:

    Hi Joe!
    I wanted to just thank you for Clutter. It has made me start uncluttering in my surroundings and personally. The game gives me the utmost enjoyment for hours on end. Thanks once again and may the good work continue,
    God bless.
    All the way from South Africa

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