Reviews – the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Reviews – the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

I truly loved reading all the reviews for Clutter. The ones that hated the game the most seemed to have no sense of humor at all. Some people really loved the game, some people said that the game actually motivated them positively to effect change in the real clutter of their lives. And a few people thought I was actually Leon Poncelette. So, for posterity, I give you the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful of the Clutter Reviews!!!

The Good:

  • I’m so glad I bought it! It’s very long, colorful, relaxing but sometimes quite challenging. I love that you can play the mini-games from the menu icons once you have completed certain portions of the game. This will stay on the desktop for quite a while, play it in-between others.
  • Very cute game and one that the entire family can play. Kudo’s to the developers on this one.
  • I wasn’t sure if I would like this game or not. It caught my attention and soon I found myself enjoying the ‘break’ from traditional hidden object/adventure games.
  • The game held my attention, but isn’t so complicated that I’ll have to reread the instructions or create a new profile every time I play because I’ve forgotten critical information since my last interruption. Thanks to the developer for a delightful, creative addition to my airport distractions collection.
  • At first I thought this was just silly, but by the time the demo ended I could not hit the “buy” button fast enough!! Graphics are very nice and clear, like the mini games and I really appreciate the clutter advise Maybe there’s hope for me with the help of this game! Thank you as always BF
  • I recently played all the way through for a second time. Skipped the family history, but reread all of the decluttering tips. When I have a few minutes and wish to play a game for a short while, this is the one I play. I keep the icon to it on my desktop. My favorite of the games in the attic to play is the Windowblinds game. Set to the challenging level, it really gives my eyes and brain a workout. I would just like to repeat that this is a very enjoyable game; one you can easily (or often) replay.
  • I LOVE this game and am still loving it every time I play it. I did not find it boring or simple. Don’t know all the big terms, but it’s FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Extremely addictive – find myself thinking of MY clutter (not extreme, but still have some stockpiles)- and telling friends about this game. Not easy after awhile – I’m struggling with the third clock puzzle (second set) – giving it a rest before tackling it again. I like different, and this fits the bill. It’s funny (Leon) yet thought provoking…
  • Joe – great game! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve told about this game – and the great advice on getting rid of clutter. Very clever game. I must admit I’m about ready to skip the last (I hope, as I’m up to the last rock, I think) clock puzzle – which I hate! But I can’t make any sense out of it. But I LOVE the concept and sifting through all the clutter (I remember many things shown here). Good job!
  • different… beautiful scenes in international cities makes this a better than average junk pile find ’em all… the mini-games are also quirky and a nice addition to the overall play…
  • This game is very addictive. It has a TON of variety and while it is “self-help” in terms of advice and tips throughout the game on the importance of reducing clutter in one’s life, it is done in a thought-provoking versus a “gag me already” way.The quotes are nice, the tips are helpful, and it adds purpose to the game. If you don’t give a hoot about the advice, you can skip it. It’s just there if you want to read it.
  • I didn’t expect too but really liked this game. It’s a secret little gem. I find it very relaxing ****.
  • I bought it after playing for 10 minutes. For some reason it really appeals to me. I like the beautiful location shots, LOVE the music, and am amused by all the de-cluttering suggestions. Plus, the placement of Scrabble tiles into the mix is another cool thing, as I’m a huge Scrabble fan/player.
  • All in all, a very enjoyable game. Thanks to the devs and BFG!
  • I love this game – totally addictive and an enormous time waster, I’m spending hours playing when I ought to be doing other things – like housework!! Ah well, the dust will still be there tomorrow – back to the hunt!
  • I really liked this unusual game! It was fun, challenging, and very creative! The messages about de-cluttering your life were good, timely reminders for me. There were several options to play to gain more hints. I tended to go to the ones I could get the most hints the fastest. Collecting the various “rocks” reinforced the message of de-cluttering one’s life. There are several tasks that were suggested that I’ve already begun. It feels really good to rid my life of some of the clutter. I found it easier to match up objects the longer I played the game. At first, my mind was “cluttered” with finding the matching objects. Later, I rarely needed a hint.
  • I thought there was a glitch on the mini placing the coins in the squares, one was way off the right hand border and wouldn’t take. Started over, my goof, funny because it was so simple first try on the other pc screen this time I was placing them on wrong grid squares. Then I got hooked on it again, didn’t want to stop while talking myself out of buying another game for my To Be Played folder. How do I keep my pc and laptop so organized, efficient, clean, defragged and orderly while my apt is a wanna be hidden object pile? Self-defeating playing this game while everything else piles up. Is there any way to buy this game guilt free?? Oh, maybe I should get to the end to learn the secrets of declutter philosophy. More fun than culling 2 file drawers to finally make room for 2 years of paper. I DID let go of an old kitchen table, didn’t need 2, and coffee table gone to thrift shop, no more broken toes on those curvy legs. Unfortunately all the clutter on both tables is now on the floor I definately need a program ($6.99? is all?) or a gamers support group, whichever comes first.
  • Hey JoeKazz–Thank you very much for creating such a fun game, and for sharing your insights in this forum! It means a lot to gamers to know that developers are listening. “Clutter” has me looking around the house and thinking “Where do I start”? The “surprise location” photography is great, the mini-games are fun, the hint system is generous, and the sound effects remind me of the service bay at a car dealership! Spot on! For a lone developer, you ROCK!

The Bad:

  • Hits too close to my pet peeves about people telling me to get rid of my stuff. I’ve tried living sparsely, and I’ve tried living cluttered, and my mood is better with the clutter – so it stays, thank you very much. And I love *my* rock collection too, lol…
  • Agreed. This was more like a self-help book pretending to be a game.
  • Again, sorry, but I wouldn´t even play this game if I got it gifted.
  • Oh boy, does Leon Poncelette love himself or what? I got tired of his face looming in and out. I’ve never seen a game before where the designer features himself throughout the entire game. Very weird. The game was initially entertaining but became repetative and boring after a couple of rounds. Not for me.
  • Awful!! One of the WORST games I have encountered on what is otherwise a site which is a plethora of gaming fun. The pictures were hokey, the commentary totally cheesy and annoying. Maybe because I am already one of those type-A super organized persons, I could not stand being preached too during the game. I can see the game creator had the best of intentions, and it seems to be a game some people have enjoyed so that’s great – but “no thanks” for me!
  • Wow. What a BORING game. I don’t think I have ever deleted a game midplay in the 3+ years I have been playing games.
  • Oh dear, it sounded so interesting, but I’m just not a fast enough clicker for this game. I lasted 10 minutes, before frustration set in. OTOH, I’m sure that those who like faster paced games might like this very much.
  • The philosophy? Well, when someone asks, “If you have more than one item, do you need the extras?” I have to say, “Yes. I want more than one towel, dish, chair, set of underwear, coat, sweater, table, DVD, CD and definitely books!”
  • So, the game is not for me, but I can see where it would have appeal for others.
  • I thought it was going to be lighthearted and easy, but instead it turned out to be tedious and preachy.
  • I don’t think it knows exactly what it wants to be, and it looks like a student project.

The Beautiful:

This was from a lady named quarlesqueen on Big Fish.

Thank you Leon Poncelette, you are much needed in my life, and I really enjoyed your tips, along with a very unique game, that I have so enjoyed playing .

The clutter of the mind is like handcuffs on the soul..SO TRUE, being the gaming addict that I am, my once clutter free apartment, is showing signs of neglect, with little piles that are growing at an alarming rate, turning into!

Instead of doing something about it, I continue playing my games everyday, but those pesky clutter piles, are always on my mind (handcuffs on the soul ).

Being some what of a perfectionist, this is driving me crazy, so its time to take action..thanks for the reminder, and guilt trip.

Who would of ever thought, that a game would be of so much help, in ones life .

I didn’t expect to like this game as much as I did, there where a few times of frustration, like when your trying to pair, the almost clear items, but all in all, I found the rest a sort of release, and very gratifying when completed.

There is a fine line with me, when it comes to being timed, in games, not a huge fan, because than relaxation turns into frantic nerves.

A few times it almost crossed the line, so I am glad that the developers did give a skip option, if needed, although I never used it, I felt better knowing it was there.

I loved collecting the coins and letter tiles, my favorite mini was the wisdom shuffle challenge, and I thought finding the secret spots with the numbers, was original and interesting.

I also enjoyed finding the picture peices, in the post cards, so this game had a lot of different things to do in it.

I don’t know if any of you shop on QVC, but Leon Poncelette could be twins with this guy that does cooking in the kitchen with Dave, on QVC.

I highly reccomend trying this game, for anyone who wants something different, it does get more challenging, as you progress through the levels.

I thought it was a very well thought out, interesting game, that has a very good length to it, so well worth the money and one that I enjoyed reading, which isn’t always the case, in games.

Thanks to BF and the developers, for bring us something different, which was a nice change, and a much needed breath of fresh air !

And one last one from admatin on Big Fish. This was after I had posted as the developer of the game.

Oh my, so glad to find the founder of this game.

Believe me it has been so much more than just a game for me.

After watching the horrors of “Hourders” more than ever before I became of my own words of 20 years ago, if I have to move out of this house it will take 2 bulldozers. Now I have lived here 24 years. If I had not found this Clutter game I would have probably become a hourder 2-3 before my retirement in 4 years, as to the 1-2 of now.

This game, although fun, does very much help when looking around and feeling overwhelmed…get you refocused and realize just one thing, day, hour, area at a time. “YOu didn’t put the “Stuff” there overnight, so will take more than overnight to relinquish it, both mindwise and physically wise. The only other alernative is a stranger (got forbid) come in and just “whisk” it all away, tada. When I am working on an area or task and feel anxious, tired, dismayed I come and play Clutter for a bit, and it defuses my anxieties, tiredness, and feeling of futility, quite quickly.

Somehow it puts me back in control.

Thank you for so much help.


  1. Yolanda says:

    Joe I only have one other thing to say to you…PLEASE DON’T RETIRE in three years!!! What are you thinking? Your fan base would be devastated to say the least. What would we have to look forward too if your not making new clutter games? You have such an endless array of ways to do your games. No way would you run out of ideas anytime soon! I for one look forward to your new and up coming games and I don’t know what I could replace your clutter games with… you are unique Joe and you have been blessed with a great talent that does not need to retire just yet. Your still young Joe… lots of life and years left in you…. so please stay with all your fans and continue to delight us with your imagination, skills and talent.

    Your #1 fan

  2. Yolanda says:

    First let me say that I love each and every game that I have bought from you. Hours and hours of enjoyment to say the least and with all the playing time I get in I have actually gotten quite good. You are the” Clutter Master.” I bought your Clutter 12: It’s About Time. Will be anxious to see what amazing 13 will look like.
    I have no complaints, but a suggestion perhaps for Clutter 13 when working on it. How about you dedicate 2 of your boxes of 144, and yes that was 2 for hard puzzles only. ALL HARD ONES and no easy ones mixed into them. That would give the player a choice of either playing and or trying them out or not. I feel that there are far easier to semi-easy puzzles then there are hard ones, and for that I made this suggestion.
    You keep up the good work Joe. You make so many of us happy each day we play your games. I drink my two cups of coffee every morning while playing your games and then sometimes before bed I play as well.
    Thank from a true fan forever Yolanda

  3. janet womboldt says:

    i have played clutter and clutter 2 and will always keep them because they never get old no matter how many times you play them. Can’t wait for clutter 3!


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