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Joe is not Leon

Anyone who's played the original Clutter game knows a little bit about Joe. Joe is not Leon, but some of the details of Joe's life were worked into the story. Here are just some of the real facts of Joe's almost 60 years of life.

Joe was born in a little town called Penacook N.H., a voting district of Concord N.H. but a separate town (population was about 3000 back then). Joe attended Immaculate Conception School until 6th grade and then attended Merrimack Valley High School. Joe decided to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Joe only took one computer course at RPI.

Joe moved on to work at iWin creating the highly successful Mah Jong Quest I, II and III (and little game called Sproink). After leaving iWin at the end of 2009 to work on his own games he joined an Atlanta Slots/Gaming company beginning in 2011 and ending in 2013. Joe now devotes 100% of his time to Puzzles By Joe and The Clutter Series.


  1. Maureen Rettmann says:

    I just wanted you to know that I played the entire Clutter 11 game while going through chemotherapy treatments…they really took my mind off of all that was going on and made me feel like I was accomplishing something! I have purchased most of the Clutter games and find them so much more addictive than Candy Crush, etc. the only problem I have with all of them is that I don’t get much else done (housework, reading etc.) as I develops the “Just one more game” syndrome’ Thank you!

  2. susan strauss says:

    Hi Joe,

    This grandmom is having serious issues! lmao

    I came to ask a question and see CLUTTER 12 is out???? CLUTTER 12????!?!?!?!?! I’m a BFG member and the last one there was Clutter Evolution. So is that #11? Will #12 be on BFG? I need to get caught up!!! I need to put what I’m missing on my b’day list! lol

    Now, the question I came to ask you about. In the Minigame Madness Tour there are games called ‘sliders’, followed by these mirrored jigsaw puzzle type games as well as jigsaw types that are more stretched. I hated them because some of those pieces were the size of a pinhead! Sigh. Now, I’m obsessed with them!!!! My mid-30s son ‘helps’ me (he thinks he’s helping but I know he loves them too lol). OBSESSED!!!! Thing is ….. I’ve played and replayed and replayed them over and over and they’re just not fun anymore. Are they in any other games? Which ones please? I would pay BIG MONEY (well, big money to a retired grandmom rflmao) for a game that was ALL those types of puzzles! hint hint lol

    Joe, I enjoyed your games when I discovered the first one I purchased. I really, really liked them as I moved on to purchase 3 more. Now? OBSESSED! Especially with these jigsaw type puzzles. They have different sizes of pieces and are so hard sometimes it takes me a good 6-8 hours to finish one!!! Ok. That’s with chores in between like laundry and cooking but still….

    So excited to see Clutter 12. I may not be able to wait til b’day!

    Best to you and yours,

    Susan S.

  3. Alf Flowers says:

    Hi Joe,

    I bought the new Clutter the first day of release, and have played it for hours every day. Wow, what a fun game!!! Thanks for all the extra Box Quotes!

    The only thing not in this Clutter that I would like to see is Gap Wars. I hope you can put some back into the next Clutter. Of course, I will look forward to it anyway.

    Many thanks, Joe!

  4. Joanne says:

    I got the email yesterday for Killer for the iPad, yippee!! I downloaded the free one to start with. I see I can download the games for $13.99. Just checking to make sure that is just the game and that I am not subscribing to the monthly and yearly part.

    • joe says:

      That sounds correct.
      If it says “Buy The Full Game” – that’s indeed what you’re doing.
      No more Ads, no subscription, etc…


  5. Julie Roberts says:

    I want this game so much but all the other 11 games are purchased through big fish so they all on my loader do you know when 12 will be available on there, thanks

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