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Joe is not Leon

Anyone who's played the original Clutter game knows a little bit about Joe. Joe is not Leon, but some of the details of Joe's life were worked into the story. Here are just some of the real facts of Joe's 65-Plus years of life.

Joe was born in a little town called Penacook N.H., a voting district of Concord N.H. but a separate town (population was about 3000 back then). Joe attended Immaculate Conception School until 6th grade and then attended Merrimack Valley High School. Joe decided to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Joe graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Joe only took one computer course at RPI.

Joe moved on to work at iWin creating the highly successful Mah Jong Quest I, II and III (and little game called Sproink). After leaving iWin at the end of 2009 to work on his own games he joined an Atlanta Slots/Gaming company beginning in 2011 and ending in 2013. Joe now devotes 100% of his time to Puzzles By Joe and The Clutter Series.


  1. Kelly Webster says:

    Hi, Joe!
    Just a 63-year-old grandma in Texas that wants to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the Clutter games. I have every game and have spent countless hours playing them. They have kept me sane over the years. When things get to be too much, or the stress is building up, I retire to my computer room and play some Clutter. It never fails to ease my tension and calm my brain. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without them. Probably wearing a straight jacket in a padded cell somewhere! lol
    I love all the games and if I had to pick a favorite (which is very difficult to do), I guess it would be the close counts games. I was wondering the other day about doing a close counts except with the split version, where you have to match two things that are close but not identical. I don’t know. Just wondering…
    My only question is why doesn’t anyone cheer for me after I play Gap Wars or Sliders? I love the cheering and clapping. It makes me happy. =)
    Seriously, though. Thank you, Joe. Please know that your work and effort is greatly appreciated. I’m patiently (or not) waiting for Clutter 13. In the meantime, I’ll get on with playing Clutter.
    You’re the best!!! Have a great day, stay safe and keep cluttering!!!

  2. Jean James says:

    Joe, I have just today realized that all those beautiful eggs in your puzzles are Ukrainian Pysanka.
    Today I will go play just the puzzles with those eggs as a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine.

    • joe says:

      Not sure of the origin myself.
      Thanks for the tip.
      We are hopefully all with Ukraine.
      (I hope it resolves quickly and Putin withdraws in shame.)

  3. Zuly Espinoza says:

    Hi Joe!
    I am playing Killer Clutter. I feel traped with your stories about the different games. I also feel a connection, because I am a lover of logical games like sodoku, kakuro, nonograms, etc.
    I’m just 25 yo, but I love a lot of things, that other people with the same old than me don’t know appreciate.
    I hope to play all your other games. I would like to know all from the start to the end!

  4. Sharon Braun says:

    Hey there Joe,
    I have purchased all the clutter games and have continuously played them through the years. I am a 73 year old grandma who enjoys my games late at night.
    The latest ” All About Time” has captured my attention. I like the addition of flowers, good choice and I like the clocks but than it is all about time.
    I came across a puzzle in one of your games using only old keys! I loved it. I haven’t seen another and wondering if I missed this grouping along the way.
    If I was to change anything it would be the options. I have trouble navigating through it and usually leave things as they are.
    Bring back the keys!

    • joe says:

      Hi Sharon:

      The keys were of limited use because there weren’t a lot of them, and they don’t mix that well with other objects.
      (Also, with my next game, I’m trying to make a game that plays as well on Mobile as on the PC, so I purge
      most of the thin objects.)

      But…they deserve to be a part of Clutter’s Greatest Hits….so I’ll figure something out.

      Glad you’re enjoying the games.
      Stay safe.


  5. Elaine Salvador-Hooper says:

    Hi Joe,

    I am a rusted on Clutter person (I have had them all at some stage and am currently on 12.
    Particularly like gems, eggs, donuts, white blocks and mostly everything.
    One thing I can’t seem to do is toggle to colourize the black and white ones – too hard to see.
    The blocks were inspired. Keep going – you get better every time.


    • joe says:

      Hi Elaine:

      The Colorize Toggle works backwards from the way most people think about it.
      If you go to any Black & White Puzzle that shows Black & White pieces (other than the Cubes),
      you then need to Click on the Colorize toggle, and then restart the level.
      (Nothing happens until you restart it).
      What’s strange is that you have to turn the Colorize Toggle OFF (I believe) to get the
      Black and White to go back to their normal Color.
      It sounds backwards….but turning a regular colored object to Black & White is
      it being “Colorized” (in that it’s normal color is affected).
      So that’s why you have to turn the Colorize Toggle OFF.
      You also need to restart the puzzle afterwards.

      Hope that helps.


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