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Anyone who’s played the first Clutter game knows a little bit about Joe. Joe is not Leon, but some of the details of Joe’s life were worked into the story. Here are just some of the real facts of Joe’s 57 years of life.

ProfilePicJoeJoe was born in a little town called Penacook N.H., a voting district of Concord N.H. but a separate town (population was about 3000 back then). Joe attended Immaculate Conception School until 6th grade and then attended Merrimack Valley High School. Joe decided to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Joe only took one computer course at RPI.

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  1. Debbie Brantner

    Love the Clutter puzzles. Who is Leigh? Must play everyday. Guess I’m hooked. I have thought about this a lot and I think what keeps bringing me back is that there is always a challenge and always a feeling of glory when completed. Thank you Joe.

  2. Jane Palzere

    I cannot get registered. When I try to register, I get the message that my username is already in the system. I want to register because I have a question. I want to know what the numbers 234/345 mean when they appear in the program. Also what do you do with the clock? I like Clutter. I have six of them already, but I am frustrated by the lack of direction in some of the games and by not being able to register so I can take part in the forums.

  3. rose farrington

    Joe, hi, again….

    you never disappoint and 6 is the max!!! Not just the expanded concepts like 2 to 1…..

    Bringing on board such talented young folk? wow!!!

    Thank you for not getting stuck in time!!! Keeping it fresh is a constant challenge which is why I play games…….(grin)

    Given your obvious success over these few years, have your priorities shifted yet?

    For you to design and present a game for peace on earth remains uppermost!

    Joe, so appreciate your strong and thoughtful mind!!! Thanks for sharing a tool to keep my 80 year old mind fit!!!

  4. Maureen Arnold

    I know this is not the place to ask this question, but I can’t find any other place to try to reach you. I cannot get registered. I didn’t get my password email, but when I try to register again, I get the message that my username is already in the system. When I try to get my password through the “Forgot password” connection, I get those emails (4 of them so far) but the message says: “Sorry, that key has expired. Please try again.”

    I’m having problems with Clutter VI and Windows 10 in full screen. Without registering, I cannot pursue your fixes for my issue. I really need help as I have all your other Clutter games and really want to jump into Clutter VI, which I purchased from Big Fish Games.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  5. MJ Weiskircher

    My husband and I are Clutter fans. In Clutter VI, April and Brigid are wearing Puzzles by Joe t-shirts. Is it possible to buy one for my husband for Christmas? Let me know and the price. Thanks so much. We’re awaiting Clutter VII.

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