Clutter Puzzle Magazine #16-2

Clutter Puzzle Magazine - Vol. 16 - #2

With improved Spot The Differences Puzzles and the Return of Real Mah Jong, Clutter Puzzle Magazine - Vol 16 - #2 is the most Lively & Fun Clutter Ever!!! And wait until you see the Abstract Object Sets!!! Wow!!! Just Wow!!!
Although, I chime in here and there, the Clutter Puzzle Magazine will not be having Stories like in the past. Still pictures we some quotes both silly and not so silly, but no story. This way I can hopefully release the Clutter Puzzle Magazine 4 times a year.
The Help Book is easier to navigate than ever, including a simple way to review all the Pop-Up Text in the game, as well as the Story.

And Joe's Included some extra Story Notes in the Bonus Section. (Collector's Edition Only).

Buy Clutter Puzzle Magazine - Vol 16 - #2 for $20

The Reviews Below are from comments left on this website. I will update them in a couple of months when Clutter RefleXIVe is on Big Fish.
I have all the Clutter Games by Joe - Thin Sliders have always been a favorite of mine, and now there's a whole section! The new Find the Differences is a totally new take on that kind of puzzle, and it is a challenge, which I love! If you're a newbie to Joe's world of Clutter, I'd try an older game, but if you've been on the ride all along, grab this one up!!!!
I have every Clutter Game and they are my ABSOLUTE favorite games, period! This volume 15 has new games and new ways to play! Joe is always able to bring something new to his games. Yet at the same time, you will find your old favorites in the new game. These games are replayable too. I go back to older games and reset them to start over. Joe of Puzzles by Joe is the best developer in the business and you can talk to him on FB. He is good to his fans. I am a lifetime fan of all the Clutter Games. And Volume 15 has become my new favorite.
I've been waiting for your new game. Have played and replayed your games (I have them all)! I see that you have been super creative again. I really enjoy your games, Joe!! Keep them coming!!
You made my day, Joe. The best time of the year when a new Clutter Challenge comes out. Joe manages to enrich the same game with great new features every year. And now nothing more will be revealed, just try it out. Clutter fans will love it.
I was just replaying a previous Clutter Game and read the tidbit about the Clutter Puzzle Magazine and voila! here it is! The new games! Wow. I am so impressed. Joe has set a very high bar for himself! Having just found Clutter games this year, I confess I own them all! Love, Love, Love this(ese) games!


  1. Joyce Marie Lee says:

    This Clutter 16 is the most difficult of all the games. Why did you have to make it so hard, LOL. Seriously, loads of fun. I got up one morning at 0430 just to play this game. I found that I could not beat the regular timer, so had to either add laps or just take the timer off. However, I did improve and was able to return and beat some of those same levels. Like I have said before, game is highly addicting if not more so than the other Clutter games. Enjoy!!!!!

  2. Kyle Nobles says:

    I first noticed your Clutter games in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Before I knew it, I had bought all 5 that were available at the time. We have 3 Switch consoles in our home and all 5 Clutter games are on all 3. I check the eShop every few weeks, but alas, There haven’t been any new ones (for Switch).

    The other day I started searching the web looking for you – hopefully to persuade you to recode every game you’ve ever written and release them for the Switch. I know nothing about coding – my last computer was a TRS-80 Model III – my middle school got one in the early 1980s. A year later we didn’t have to use cassette tapes to load programs! 😉

    It’s true that there are some games that I like more than others, but maybe you did that intentionally so everyone would find a favorite. My favorite game is using my 3 $350 Switch Consoles to play 60% Clutter, 30% a coloring game, and I dedicate the other 10% to trying my son’s games and failing :p

    Thank you for what you do. I see a lot of my young self in your stories – i’m 55 years old now but we had very similar childhoods.

    All best to you, Joe. You are my favorite game creator. I’m hoping to find and purchase every single game you’ve ever made. I bought the collection of Clutter you are selling on your website now and I love it!! Do you have an eMall (is that a word?) where you sell every game you ever made? Or, let’s say for instance a site where Clutter superfans can get everything for free. That’s a joke, but a man can dream…

    Kind Regards

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