Clutter VI: Leigh’s Story

Clutter VI: Leigh’s Story

The best Clutter yet by far and the only one with gorgeous art and a compelling story.

Introducing "Head To Head" and "Clutter Chaos", two variations inspired by E-Sports Clutter? (What's that mean? You'll have to ask Sky Hugh. Who's that? That would be telling.

It's a Clutter like you've never seen, before or since. Complete with some very "exciting" (joe-style animated) Cut Scenes.
The Art was done by the exceptionally talented April Borchelt.

The Story & Music by the amazing Brigid Choi.

They exceeded all expectations with all they did for Clutter VI.
Some fans were a little annoyed at the thought of Brigid and April taking over the Story, Music and Art chores in the game, but really, they were annoyed for nothing.

They thought I had completely farmed-out the Story, Art & Music in the game, and that it wasn't Joe-centric enough. But they were just wrong. I loved becoming a fictional character (complete with a few cartoon appearances) and there is nothing in that game that I didn't have a part in.

Yes, It was still very much a Joe story, steeped in meta-ness and silliness as well. I had my hand in all aspects of the development and I loved creating a Head-To-Head version that lived up to the E-Sports Clutter fantasy of the game.

This is still an often over-looked Gem in the Clutter family.

Buy Leigh's Story for $10

In this sixth edition of clutter, we find much of the same gameplay as in previous games. a junkpile of shapes and colors, in a variety of matches - find 2, find 3, black and white, match the halves, etc. the slider puzzles make a return appearance, but seem to be related solely to the story (which to me makes them more worth playing, I skipped these in the last 2 editions).

But stop the presses - there's a new clutter. CLUTTER CHAOS! and chaos it is, as items reorganize themselves on the screen one at a time. just when I didn't think there could be a different twist on matching, they found it.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a good junkpile challenge. it's a great break in between all of the HO games that rehash the same story over and again.
I LOVE the Clutter games! They are relaxing but challenging and they are super fun! There are variations on the matching of objects which keeps it interesting. There are fun puzzles in-between the matching. The storylines are quirky and charming. Keep bringing the Clutter!
Just love the Clutter games, and this latest one is the best yet. If you like to beat others, take on the Head to Head, and see the leader board change. For a challenge, try the Clutter Chaos, where objects move around, and having a great memory is no longer an advantage - great for us older gamers LOL Hours of addictive game play and once you start you just want to keep going. Heaps of variety, not just Clutter but Sliders and Word Games, so something for just about everyone.
It is easy to see how each version of the game improves. There are games I play to test myself. There I games I play for distraction. Then there are games I play to unwind and turn my mind off. This is all of them all one rolled up in one. I have had this game for a few months. I haven't completed the main storyline. This is due to the minigames that can be played without the storyline. I can choose the minigame based on how I feel. Just an all around great game.
This game is a lot of bang for your buck. So many levels. I have played and played and maybe I am replaying levels, but it seems like the never ending game which I love about it.

You do have to find the objects in this game, but I love the matching object style and play with this. I love all the different cool items you have to match and the many different ways it is played for you to do this. Black and Color, Match 3 and the hard one for me compete against the computer name where you try to match more to win the level than the computer does. This is only 3 of the ways you are given to play.

I love the levels with single objects. Some levels are matching beautiful old coin mixtures or exquisitely decorated eggs. Most levels have a variety of items. I Like that objects will be a toy or collectible I had at one time. Great memories.

There is a different manner of puzzles every few levels. I like them, but sometimes just want to do the clutter matching aspect of the game so skip them. (You can replay and have the opportunity to do them anyway.)

The Mini Game puzzles are slide strip picture puzzles. Not too hard, though some are harder than others. The other mini game is placing text blocks in the correct colored boxes to spell out words or phrases to fit the story line.

Graphics may be dull to some, but I like the retro feel and look of them. I ignore the storyline. Not my cup of tea. Am not much of storyline person anyway. Just want to play the game.

Others and those that like storylines may find the girl trying to find her way in life and build her self -esteem (Especially younger girls) very inspiring and touching. Somewhat silly at my age. In spite of this, I love the game so much and play it a lot. It is one of my top games.


  1. Joyce Ann Whitacre says:

    I love Clutter games. I think you are way too hard on yourself when you apologize for the story and advice on Clutter 1 & 2. I enjoyed the story and needed the advice. And I like the intimacy of Clutter 5 & 6. I feel like I almost know you and Ana. Once I was doing an Insanity slider puzzle and the first image I recognized was Ana sitting on a bench. I was so glad to see her! I really like the slider puzzles except in the Mini Games #4; too many snakes or snaky like images. Kinda freaks me out.
    What confuses me, though, are the Control Boards. For example, on the Box Quotes on the control board I do the same quotes over and over again and I still have empty slots in the little squares within squares. I get green dots when I win, yellow dots when I leave a puzzle unfinished, and (I think) yellow dots when I lose. How do I get blue dots?
    In “Tears” in Clutter 5, is it really possible to get the last two or three coins and pillows out? Oy, very difficult. Also, do not enjoy Kaleidoscopes. The last clutter game, I don’t know, I miss the narrative and connection I feel in the other games. The last one is beautiful but feels cold and impersonal to me. I miss Joe’s voice.
    One more thing, am I right in assuming you are the Fonzie-like guy in Word Zen? And the creator of the mah-jong Kwazi’s Quest. And speaking of Kwazi’s Quest, does it rhyme with Crazy’s Quest or Quasi’s Quest?

  2. Bonnie Schippers says:

    I’ve completed 525 out of the 600 in the control panel, Clutter VI. How do I unlock the other 75???

    • joe says:

      Hi Bonnie:

      I think there were areas to unlock, and you must have unlocked a few of those.
      On the Main Menu….there are a few things that “change” when you hover on them….a few of
      those Unlock those areas. (I think you’ve done the coins, but you might want to check out
      the joysticks.)

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