Clutter IV: Minigame Madness Tour

Clutter IV: Minigame Madness Tour

Clutter IV: Minigame Madness Tour starts you off with a slide show, as if you’ve just come back from vacation. But it’s a vacation filled with memories of different games and puzzles.

As always, there’s a quest or two, but this is more about the new variations and some new challenging Minigames. One new variation is called Clutter Lines, where lining up the Clutter just seems to make it a bit harder.

And we have some new Extreme puzzles as well. You can take as long as you want to clear the Extreme Butterflies.
There are new variations on the Slider, Stretch, Jigsaw puzzles called Kaleidoscope. It’s for the people who didn’t think the Slider puzzles were challenging enough. After you solve it, you’ll get to see the original picture from which it was created
There are Blockers, Hint Coins, Letters and Puzzles Pieces in the main Quest again but no real story because, this time, it’s all about the puzzles. Enjoy – and come back here and let me know what you think of the games.

Although no "story" - as always, there is still a point to all the snippets of wisdom throughout the game.

Buy Minigame Madness for $10

After playing another horrible HOG, I was really happy to see my favorite series has come out with another one. I love these games, as they are different, and because I love puzzles, this type of game is for me. If you like puzzles, you will like this game. I have all of the Clutter games.
And again I am completely hooked. It is pretty much the same as the previous Clutter games, and although I own those as well, I also bought this game. Just couldn't resist it and there are always new variations. And Some great new minigames too. I especially liked the word games.
My husband and I love them. Very stimulating brain training for those who need it!! Keep them coming Joe.
This is the Fourth edition of Clutter and you are going to want to purchase this game after 10 minutes of playing. The object of this game as well as the other three Clutter's are quite simple. This may sound mundane but I assure you it's extremely fun. Every Clutter pile has several coins and letters to collect with just a single click, you need those for extra points. Give this game a try, it's different than any game you have played. I assure you will enjoy this game. I have all of the Clutter games. I am addictive.
I have played the 3 previous Clutter games, it took me a while to understand Clutter 3 - but this Clutter IV is MAGNIFICENT!!

I love the Classic clutter, the mini games, the new items, the new games...All of IT and over 500 LEVELS!!!

Can't wait for Clutter V.

I love Puzzles by JOE!!!

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