Clutter III : Who Is The Void?

Clutter III: Who Is The Void?

The first Clutter game in the larger 1024x768 dimensions. And bigger is most certainly better as the objects get cleaner and the action becomes more Extreme.

3 Quests & 9 other Minigame areas, and as always, almost every puzzle is randomly generated and infinitely replayable.
So many to mention, so little time.

SudokTris, a new Rack'Em & GapWar, the amazingly difficult Lights Out, and many Non-Jigsaw Picture Puzzle variations: Sliders, Select & Swap, and Square Jigsaws.

I'm sure you'll find at least one or two minigames that you'll like to give you a break from all that Clutter.
The Void has taken the Clutter game to whole new heights, but his or her identity remains a mystery. Can you sift through the clutter and reveal who he or she truly is?

And you might just learn a little bit about what it means to be a game developer creating games like Clutter.

Buy Who Is The Void for $10

This game will never bore you and will keep you coming back for more. There is something there for everyone to enjoy. I also have Clutter and Clutter II: He Said She Said. I love all my Clutter games. Joe is truly a genius. Since I purchased my first Clutter game, I haven't even bothered playing my other games because they seem boring by comparison. Get it, you won't regret it
If you are a puzzle person like myself and a fan of Hidden object scenes that will absolutely blow your mind, this is the game for you. I am embarrassed to say I have not played any of the previous Clutter games but will now definitely be looking them up. Who is the Void? What is the Void? That is for you to find out but first you need to solve a multitude of puzzles and play various Hidden object scenes in order to collect your clues. Apparently there is a giant jigsaw puzzle to complete at the end, OOOH what fun!

Graphics are sharp and clean and you get to cutomize your settings. There is alot of text to read, proverbs to go through (which are my personal favorites) and you can also skip these from your option menu. I liked the piano playing in the background which does not distract you from the game.

Hidden object scenes are cluttered objects with obstacles that need to be eliminated. There are letters to pick up and coins as well as puzzle pieces within each scene. Then you have pictures of the objects you need to match or find and let me tell you, it isn't easy as you think. I found myself scanning the scene for what felt like minutes and still couldn't find what was staring right before me. Thankfully you have hints to help you out.

Puzzles are a blast here and you have a variety of them. There is the Tetrisudoko which I simply loved and the mini-jigsaws as well. There really is so much here that it made my head spin. I should warn you though, it looks to be highly addictive with an amount of frustration level that will no doubt keep me awake tonight. I loved it and highly recommend it to those who enjoy a bit of challenge. Now I need to go back to discover the other Clutter games that I apparently have missed. I am now trying very hard not to continue to play this as I really have to go and start my day. Enjoy!
This games is the best so far in the Clutter Family. Not just one game but it branches into a lot of different games, which can occupy me for hours. Love the ability to personalize the games with lots of options. Better than a "matching game," not a "HO" game - just in a class of its own. If you are looking for something different and addicting, this game will send you in the right direction.
This is the craziest game I have ever played. There are junkpiles to find pairs of hidden objects and not to hidden objects. There are sudoku games. There are jigsaw puzzles. The music is crazy. The games are crazy.

All the while you are playing you receive mysterious messages from the mysterious "Void". It was a lot of fun.

Try it. It's not for everyone, but it's for me.
Loved this game. Now I'm going to go back and buy the 1st two in this series. It's different from the normal HO. It has a mahjong feel to it. In a lot of the HO scenes you have to find hidden and matching items in sets of two. I don't know that I would actually call it an HO. It's stacks of stuff, one on top of the other, which is what the title Clutter refers to. You do have to search for things, but instead of trying to recognize objects it's more about finding matches for items on top so that you can make your way to the bottom of the pile. The mini games are plenty and different enough to make it more interesting. I'm now a fan and am going to add the first two to my collection.

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  1. Ruth Robertson says:

    I love your who’s the void game and dont understand why anyone wouldn’t love all of them. There are always disagreeable people on the internet, I m sure. I enjoy you sharing your thoughts and philosophy as well. You do a great job! Thankyou for the games. Great job.

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