Clutter - The Original
Unhidden Object Game

Welcome to Clutter, a game like no utter.

It’s the original Un-Hidden Object Game. There is a main quest and 5 Minigames and just about everything is replayable.

It's really a non-verbal HOG. Just find two things that match, and click on them. It's just that easy.

I’ll warn you now – many people find the game quite addicting.
Clutter has 5 original Minigames: Coins, Memory, Clock, Sliders and GapWar. A little something for everyone. And if you don’t like a particular Minigame, you may skip them if you want.

In each game, I put in one Minigame that I know is not for most people. In this first Clutter game, it was the Clock. Each level of the Clock has different rules that get progressively more complex and difficult on the higher levels. Don’t feel bad if you skip the Clock puzzles. Most people do.
I kind-of believe that a Puzzle Game, doesn't need a story, but since I was trying to fit in with the Hidden Object Games category, I wanted something to please people that expected a story.

Half the story in Clutter is Self-Help tidbits from Leon Poncelette, who runs a De-Clutter for Life seminar. The other half of the story is Leon Poncelette's lineage.

Buy The Original Clutter Game for $10

I have loved this game since I first tried it! This game gives you the opportunity to match objects in various ways, as well as interesting mini-games. I love the fact that once you complete the game, you can go back and re-play it and determine your own skill level. I am looking forward to Clutter 2!
When I first got Clutter, I was so hooked that I was online trying to find out who the author was and were there other games! I don't need a story line, I don't want to be bogged down with too much thinking, I play games to relax.
The pointer on this game is incredible, gotta play to see. The game is loaded with whimsical quotes about clutter and other words of wisdom., a great game for your eyes, memory and soul.
In a genre bogged down with sameness and repetition this was a refreshing take bringing new life to a HOG.

I liked the storyline (which you can skip if you wish) and I liked the minigames as again they were a refreshing change from the norm.

I really liked the 'Clutterisms' and recognised my own excuses in there!!

I would like to wax lyrical some more but I have to go download the second chapter - after I've taken the advice in the first and written down today's 10 minute tasks :)
I love the Clutter games and this one is one of my favorites! Not too easy, not too difficult, the challenge level is perfect for me and I've rotated the Clutter games for awhile now and each time they seem new again......I never get bored! I've played and purchased a lot of games over the years and the Clutter series is by far my fave!


  1. I have a kindle fire HD 10. I loved playing your games when I had a computer. Will you be making any games I can play on kindle?

  2. Janet Thompson says:

    Love, love, love these games. Are you going to do any more?

  3. Corine Lind says:

    When I first got on your website, it said by signing up I would get my first game free, but when i did sign up, it said I would get my first game for 50% off instead. I really want to play but am older, and on a fixed income. I can’t afford t pay for games but would really enjoy playing Clutter again some day…for free

    • joe says:

      Hi Corine:
      I sent you an email, when you reply to that, I will send you any of the Clutter games that you would like.
      Hope you had a nice weekend.

  4. terri bills says:

    Hey Joe, please please update these for newer Mac os. I bought all your games and got pretty addicted. Then suddenly I can’t play them anymore. I was excited to see the newest Clutter 1000 hoping it would work, but alas, no luck. Are you planning on updating so the clutter games will work on OS 10.14 or higher?

  5. Freda Luciano says:

    Can I play these games on my ipad

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