Problems with Windows 10 in Fullscreen.

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    Hi All:

    Windows 10 causes screen resolution for the Clutter games. This is a known Windows 10 problem, and seems to affect about 30% of the Windows 10 installs.

    The fix is fairly straightforward, and has resolved the fullscreen issue for anyone experiencing them.

    This is what I currently understand about the Windows 10 issues.

    1. It’s a known Windows 10 issue with fullscreen and it can be resolved by making sure certain settings are set properly.

    2. In some cases (very rare) reinstalling the video drivers is needed.

    The link above, outlines the steps needed to resolve the following problems.
    1. Black Screen only in Fullscreen mode.
    2. No Cursor in Fullscreen mode.
    3. Hanging and/or possibly crashing in Fullscreen mode.

    If you’re still having problems with Windows 10 after applying these fixes, then please let me know. As always, for anyone who can’t get Clutter to run right; I will refund their money. (So far, I haven’t needed to).


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    joe, my problem has been outside of the full screen mode, (when i uncheck that box.) i prefer to play in a “windowed” mode, so i can deal with stuff outside of the game as necessary. but since switching from windows 8.1 to 10, there’s some serious mouse lag and the display is messed up, especially wherever the mouse has been. (the screen shows blocks “unhidden” by moving the cursor.) so, for instance if i click the “options” button, the option page won’t show except in those blocks after i drag my cursor around the screen.

    full screen play, however, is fine for me.

    sorry if i shouldn’t have posted this here, but i thought the problem might be related somehow …

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