Anti-Virus Warnings when Downloading Clutter.

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      Because I use a simple setup software to download my games, and because I do not “sign” them (which costs money), sometimes, some anti-virus software will warn/complain about installing the Clutter games (sold directly from me – Puzzles By Joe).

      This does not mean there is any issues, it’s just that installing a .zip that has a .exe in it, is a red-flag to some of the virus checkers.

      Most virus checkers will just warn you and then let you bypass the warning and go ahead and install the Clutter games. If you’re not comfortable doing this, then you’re better off buying my games through BigFishGames or iWin.

      It’s safe, but if you’re worried, please just get the game elsewhere. If you’ve already bought it, and you run into this, and you don’t want to proceed with the download, then just contact me and I’ll refund your order.

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