Studio Vs. Indie Rants Part Duh: This Time It’s Personal

Ranting Our Lives Away With This Year’s Theme:

“Fixing The Games Industry”

Below is last year’s award-winning and trend setting first ever SIEGE – Indies’ Rant. (Please watch at least Michelle Menard’s and Erin Hoffman’s (and probably Timothy Johnson’s as well…to get a sense of what we’re going for here)).

SIEGE is in 10 weeks and I’m looking for 9 folks to join me in this second outing. I’d like to host a diverse panel and I’d like to get 5 Studio-folks and 4 Indies to join me. Even if you’ve already talked to me about being on the team this year…please email me at…


To let me know that you’re interested….and please include a “Sub-Topic” that you would like to rant on.

Although I may allow 1 or 2 return speakers, I’m looking at mostly a whole new panel.