1. Janice says:

    Hi Joe,

    I love really enjoy your clutter games and will be purchasing the new clutter 5. Was wondering if in this new version it will be possible to add my favorite .jpg photos into the common folder? I would love to be able to customize the photos in my favorite slider game.

    All I see is .jpge files that cannot be switched for .jpg’s? Your pictures are nice but I would love to be able to “slide” photos of my grandchildren and vacation photos.

    Thanks a bunch

    • joe says:


      Been trying to decide on what to do with that one.
      If I allow unlimited use of your own jpgs, then you’ll never have to buy another one of my Sliders games.
      I’m not crazy about adding an in-game purchase for that either….so….I’m just starting to think
      about the pros and cons of that.

      Do you have any thoughts on that?


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