Recon Battle Ships

Recon Battle Ships is a fun solitaire puzzle game based on the old paper-and-pencil Battleship game. The object of each puzzle is to use logic to deduce the locations of the 10 battleships hidden in the 10-by-10 ocean grid. If you like Windows Minesweeper, then you’ll love Recon!

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Most puzzles start off with a few of the ship piece locations revealed to you, as shown in the above game picture as the pieces with red dots on them. This way there is always enough information displayed at the start of each puzzle to logically deduce the location of all the hidden ships.
Ships are positioned either vertically or horizontally in the ocean grid and no two ships can occupy adjacent squares, even diagonally. Once you positively identify the location of a ship piece, then you can block off the water squares surrounding it. The numbers along the side of and below the grid indicate the number of grid squares in the corresponding rows and columns that are occupied by vessel pieces. Every puzzle has a unique solution that can be determined by reasoning alone.
Recon Deluxe comes complete with over 1,500,000 different puzzles.
Recon Deluxe includes 6 levels of difficulty and 3 variations (oceans).
  • Atlantic: Normal puzzles just like above
  • Pacific: All four subs (single-piece ships)  are shown to start you off
  • Arctic: Mostly water shots are revealed to start you off


  1. Cadoudal says:

    Hello Monsieur,

    I’m French and I discover battleship puzzles which looks to be a very interesting reflection game. When I try to enter my name at your friendly “Recon Battle Ship”, a window open “Missing Critical File”. How can I do ?

    Thanks a lot for your software and your explanations.

    • joe says:


      It seems to be a permissions thing…but it seems to be an easy fix.
      Install it again…but don’t take the default location.
      Change that to something like C:/
      And that should let it work.
      It puts some files down the first time it runs…but with later OS’s (Like on Windows 10)…
         …it won’t let those files go into the Program files directory.

      Hope that helps.


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