Rack‘Em might be the most addictive solitaire game since Free Cell and Tetris. It’s a logic game where the goal of each puzzle is to position like-numbered pool balls into diagonal, horizontal, or vertical rows of three on the pool table.

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Once you’ve mastered Straight Pool on the easiest level (Mr. Scratch), move on to three more increasingly difficult levels (Ms. Stick, Mr. Hustler and The Shark).  With more balls and a wider board, you’ll be busy for hours.  Think you’ve got this game mastered at The Shark level?  Then try Double Trouble and Rotation – these wild games will keep your mind busy playing hours and hours.

The registered version of Rack’Em Deluxe comes complete with over 1,000,000 different fun, mind-boggling puzzles.

Rack’Em Deluxe includes 4 levels of difficulty and 3 variations.

  • Straight Pool:  3 of each number to make a 3-ball set
  • Double Trouble: 6 of each number to make 2-3 ball sets
  • Rotation: Sequential (1-2-3, 2-3-4, 3-45, etc…) needed



  1. triona says:

    Dear Joe and Anna – First a merry and blessed Xmas. I love your Clutter games and have all of them. When is a new Clutter game due to come out+ I have played all over and over and need some new visual stimulation. Regards Triona

    • joe says:

      Hi Triona:
      Sliders and Other Square Jigsaw Puzzles will be coming out soon. (You’ll be able to play a beta version on the 17th).
      After that…hoping to get Clutter VI out by April-May.
      Thanks for enjoying my games.

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