Gapwar Deluxe: Triangle Madness is easy to learn but difficult to master – perfect if you love brainteasers and math puzzles. The object of the game is to remove gaps between playing tiles by positioning tiles so border colors on all four sides of the tiles match.

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The screen shot demonstrates the Swap Only game at one of the easier levels.

Rearrange the tiles by selecting and swapping the  tiles in the Swap Only game. Once you master the basic game strategy, move on to four more increasingly difficult (and addictive) levels with more tiles and fewer colors. As the puzzles get more difficult with more playing tiles, some tiles on the board are locked down to help get you started. Think you’ve got this game at all five levels mastered? Then try the Rotate All, Rotate Inside and Ultimate games – these crazy games will keep your mind busy playing for hours.

Gapwar Deluxe has over 1,000,000 unique puzzles.

Gapwar Deluxe includes 5 levels of difficulty and 4 different playing styles.

  • Swap Only – Move tiles into position just by swapping locations
  • Rotate All – Swap and rotate entire tiles
  • Rotate Inside – Swap tiles and rotate tile inside colors for more variations
  • Ultimate – A crazy combination of swapping and rotating tiles of various sizes and shapes


  1. Raina says:

    Hi, I tried to download your Fet Tris and the Gap War and Norton won’t let me. It warns me in yellow so I take a look and it turns into red and doesn’t give me the choice to do it or not. It just won’t let me. Is there a problem or is it a way Norton has things programmed?

    • joe says:

      Hi Raina:

      If you go read the thread on May Day – Clutter II and Doreen’s comments; that explains my thoughts on this. My programs are clean (from my site (PuzzlesByJoe) but I do know that hackers and pirates have created corrupt versions on other sites. If I figure out why Norton is complaining on these self-install programs, I’ll post it here.


      • joe says:

        Hi again Raina:

        One other solution is to disable Norton, download the games, then enable it again immediately afterwords.

        It looks like this is a bug from the program I use to generate my self-install files. I am going to get the fix to that, and regenerate my free downloadable games. Hopefully, that will fix this.

        Thank you for reporting this.


    • joe says:

      Hi Again Raina:

      How old is your Norton and do you keep it up to date?

      I use a program called Inno Setup and it generates a self-extracting exe with compression. Some Anti-Virus programs are overly aggressive and tag this as a virus when it isn’t. I’m going to continue checking around, but I’m not sure if there is anything I can do about it.