Clutter V: Welcome To Clutterville

Clutter V: Welcome to Clutterville

Clutter V: Welcome To Clutterville is the best of the series yet. Here’s a brief list of some of its features: Almost All New Objects!!! All New Music (even the Win Music) Longest and Hardest Quest Ever!!! Many New Options Just to name a few of the many options: Continue where you left off. e”X”it from anywhere (when option is set). Remove Letters and Puzzle Pieces. Remove Click Penalty. All your favorite clutter variations are there, as well as some new ones. Most notably, a Neverending Clutter variation that is like Clutter crossed with Tetris. Enjoy!!!
System Requirements
The main game has added blockers that are removed by finding the 5 specific matches at the top of the playing area. But the old styles are mixed in as well.


  1. wanda antilla says:

    I love these clutter games if im stresses out I calm right down

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