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Fit Tetris-like pieces into a square area. Pick up the pieces and manipulate them like you would a jigsaw puzzle. Six different puzzle variations that will make you think in six different ways.

Grouped No Rotate
Spaced No Rotate
Grouped Rotate
Spaced Rotate
Grouped Crazy
Spaced Crazy

Once you get the hang of the Grouped Puzzles (Tetris-like pieces and beyond), you’ll want to try out the Spread-Out tiles where pieces can be made up of totally disjoint tiles. Five levels of difficulty from Novice to Super Genius give you millions and millions of unique puzzle challenges.

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  1. […] FitTris: This was my quickest effort, and it’s lacking in any pizazz and there are many things I would do differently. One of the variations survived and became the Coin puzzle in Clutter. A couple of the other variations are making it’s way into Clutter-II. You simply fit Tetris like pieces into a square grid. Simple, yes…but with enough variations and levels of difficulty that anyone should be able to find a puzzle-type and level to challenge them. […]