Clutter Puzzle Magazine #15-1

Clutter Puzzle Magazine - Vol. 15 - #1

By far, the most challenging and exciting Clutter ever. More fun and challenging than even Clutter RefleXIVe. You will not believe the Spot The Differences Puzzles. And wait until you see the Eyeballs!!!
Although, I chime in here and there, the Clutter Puzzle Magazine will not be having Stories like in the past. Still pictures we some quotes both silly and not so silly, but no story. This way I can hopefully release the Clutter Puzzle Magazine 4 times a year.
The Help Book is easier to navigate than ever, including a simple way to review all the Pop-Up Text in the game, as well as the Story.

And Joe's Included some extra Story Notes in the Bonus Section. (Collector's Edition Only).

Buy Clutter Puzzle Magazine - Vol 15 - #1 for $20

The Reviews Below are from comments left on this website. I will update them in a couple of months when Clutter RefleXIVe is on Big Fish.
Is there a place to review the games? I first encountered the Clutter series through The last one I downloaded from them was Clutter 1000. At some point, I became aware that Joe had a website of his own and I decided that, eventually, I would buy all of the games direct from him. Yes, is nice but I was thinking that buying the games from Joe gives him more of the profit and keeps him creating. I’m still working on that but I downloaded Clutter RefleXIVe CE about two weeks ago. To anyone who hasn’t played Clutter for a while, it’s time to reconnect. You’ll be pleased. I was playing today and I realized that the Clutter series is my favorite game of all time for one simple reason–it’s the most playable game of all time. In less than a month, a high-end gaming studio is going to release another in game in one of their premier series. I’ll play it (probably) but it’s unlikely I’ll play it more than once. With Clutter, you can play *endlessly* and the game is never the same twice. It gets easier as you start to recognize things faster. It’s a brain massage. And it’s more relaxing than other games because you don’t have to kill anything and you don’t have to worry about a character being killed. One other note and I’ll end this–when I said “it’s time to reconnect,” Joe has put a couple of tricks into the game that are absolute delight., You’ll be playing along (as if with an old friend) and something will happen that changes the game. My first reaction was, “Joe, you stinker, you!” but i said it with affection and pleasure. Thanks, Joe. I’ll keep playing.
What a lovely review! I couldn't agree more. I play your games over and over again. I never get tired of them. I can't say this of any other games. I play against myself to try to better my previous scores. Every new game you release seems to become my new favourite, but I still play the old ones too, such as Clutter II and Clutter VI and others. Joe, if you keep making them, I'll keep buying them and playing!
"Jeez JOE, just when I think that you cannot top the game… You go and do it again. I own every one of your classic clutter Games 1 to 14 and I can tell you that they are AMAZING!!! 14 is unbelievable. The dice are a bit harder than they look and it is very challenging. Just the way I love it. You are truly going above and beyond in these games. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. I no longer wait for Big Fish to carry the games, I directly buy them from you, that is how much I love them. THANK YOU for such fun games. YOU ARE A TERRIFIC GAME MAKER . Please don’t retire any time soon! I am Puzzles by Joe for life!!!"
Loving it! (no surprise there...) It's like visiting an old friend that you haven't seen in a while. You are so comfortable with the environment that you can just concentrate on having a good time.
Joe Cassavaugh is a trickster (and a bit of a wizard, with all his puzzles) - this is a wonderful game that never disappoints. Thanks, Joe!

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  1. Dorothy L Minor says:

    Hi, Joe. Well, you’ve done it again! Made a totally addictive Clutter game. I just purchased the Clutter Puzzle Magazine and I think it’s going to be my favorite yet (I have all the Clutter games). Keep up the good work. I always look forward to a new version of your games!

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