CLUTTER IX: Clutter IXtreme is Released!!!

Clutter 1000

It's the most addicting Un-Hidden Object game you'll ever play and Clutter 1000 is definitely the best Clutter of them all.

Too many amazing levels to even begin describing.

1000 puzzles that can be played over and over.

All your old favorites are here along with twice as many new ones to keep you playing for days and days. 1000 puzzles in all.

For Mac Version you'll need to tell your Mac to allow unsigned apps and the button below (above the Buy Buttons) will take you to a page that explains how to do that.


Buy Clutter 1000 for $10

  • I have every one of the clutter game. This one is just as great as the other ones. There are so many options to this game. I just love them all.I really enjoy playing it and get so involved that when my trial is up I wonder what happen. Then I go purchase it to quickly get back to the clutter. I also like reading the writing. I recommend this game!
    Columbus, OH
  • I enjoyed this one over the previous ones even. There are some new challenges,which I really enjoyed,especially the one where you match squares in a sea of picture squares!! Love this. More of those squares,please I recommend this game!
    Phoenix, AZ
  • I was reading the reviews for another game and someone mentioned this game. Looked it up, read the reviews and decided to give it a try. OMG...this game is so fun and I have not played any of my other games cuz I am hooked on this one. There are varying levels of difficulty and you can customize the options for the games so you can mix it up. Still haven't gotten bored! Want more like this one. I recommend this game!
    Northern California
  • I really like this version. I like the option of keep playing after the time is up. You don't have to go crazy finding everything before the time is up. I love the new puzzle with 70 or so squares that have to be matched. I'll probably go blind playing this but I am hooked! I recommend this game!
    Ocala, Florida

The original un-hidden object game

I wrote Clutter to make a replayable game that appeals to the Hidden Object Game fans, without it being a typical Hidden Object Game. Iíve done my best to make every level replayable, and I'll warn you now ñ many people find the game quite addicting.

There are now 7 Clutter Games and no two are alike. And for just reading this far, I'll give you your very first Clutter experience for free. Just email me at [email protected] and I'll send you your first Clutter game for free. Just put "Clutter Please" in the Subject Line, and I'll send you a download link to the very first Clutter game. I'll warn you again though - many people play these games every single day, and addicting is the most common word I hear from my players about the game. You've been warned.


  1. Sherry says:

    Purchased Clutter IX on Sept 21. Game worked fine. Downloaded recommended fix that I received email about on Sept 25. Everything seemed fine until today (09-29). Game freezes when opened. Downloaded the “fix” again. Still not working. Also tried restarting my computer. What’s up?

  2. Diane says:

    I finished the quest this evening. I played other parts most of the day because I was avoiding the triple-split near the end.

    Level 88 of the Box Quotes has a minor problem. It really had me confused for a while when a single letter word of “T” appeared to be there upon initial load. What happened is that level should have 6 apostrophes but doesn’t have any! It makes it difficult to read and solve but I did it! I don’t want to post it here because it would spoil it for others.

    • Diane says:

      Level 90 of Box Quotes also is missing one apostrophe but it has another. I still have the last 10 box quotes to do.

      The early ones (quite a few) were fairly easy to do. The last 10 or 10 have been more difficult and can take almost an hour to figure out sometimes. Even my husband has been standing behind my back offering tips. In one case, he told me to let him know what one word was. I finally figure it as “doubt”. 🙂

  3. nancy pollard says:

    Love the game. But I can’t figure out where the option menu is. Namely how to turn off the music.

    • Diane says:

      The options don’t show up until about level 3 – green ring in upper left corner. The music is in the lower left corner — standard icon of musical notes. I had the same problems!

      • joe says:

        There was a bug, and Nancy’s machine found it.
        I’m fixing it now, but it was a screen resolution issue.
        I’ll be sending an email out to everyone who bought it, to
        to get the update. (But it’s not there quite yet).

  4. Marie Hernandes says:

    Does this game download? I have no use for CD’s

  5. Diane says:

    BTW – thanks for bringing back the eggs (even more designs)! I liked the eggs and didn’t realize how much I missed them.

    Level 34 of the quest — the first with “Chaos” — did you intend for that to STOP moving before the level was complete? I still had about 20 matches to go (matches set at maximum and no timer) and everything stopped moving! Now it is difficult to catch the last match or two when they keep moving and there are fewer choices available, but it seemed to stop too soon. I don’t know the exact number of matches left but I did look over and it was at 16 and they had already stopped moving.

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