CLUTTER IX: Clutter IXtreme is Released!!!

Clutter 1000

It's the most addicting Un-Hidden Object game you'll ever play and Clutter 1000 is definitely the best Clutter of them all.

Too many amazing levels to even begin describing.

1000 puzzles that can be played over and over.

All your old favorites are here along with twice as many new ones to keep you playing for days and days. 1000 puzzles in all.

For Mac Version you'll need to tell your Mac to allow unsigned apps and the button below (above the Buy Buttons) will take you to a page that explains how to do that.


Buy Clutter 1000 for $10

  • I have every one of the clutter game. This one is just as great as the other ones. There are so many options to this game. I just love them all.I really enjoy playing it and get so involved that when my trial is up I wonder what happen. Then I go purchase it to quickly get back to the clutter. I also like reading the writing. I recommend this game!
    Columbus, OH
  • I enjoyed this one over the previous ones even. There are some new challenges,which I really enjoyed,especially the one where you match squares in a sea of picture squares!! Love this. More of those squares,please I recommend this game!
    Phoenix, AZ
  • I was reading the reviews for another game and someone mentioned this game. Looked it up, read the reviews and decided to give it a try. OMG...this game is so fun and I have not played any of my other games cuz I am hooked on this one. There are varying levels of difficulty and you can customize the options for the games so you can mix it up. Still haven't gotten bored! Want more like this one. I recommend this game!
    Northern California
  • I really like this version. I like the option of keep playing after the time is up. You don't have to go crazy finding everything before the time is up. I love the new puzzle with 70 or so squares that have to be matched. I'll probably go blind playing this but I am hooked! I recommend this game!
    Ocala, Florida

The original un-hidden object game

I wrote Clutter to make a replayable game that appeals to the Hidden Object Game fans, without it being a typical Hidden Object Game. Iíve done my best to make every level replayable, and I'll warn you now ñ many people find the game quite addicting.

There are now 7 Clutter Games and no two are alike. And for just reading this far, I'll give you your very first Clutter experience for free. Just email me at [email protected] and I'll send you your first Clutter game for free. Just put "Clutter Please" in the Subject Line, and I'll send you a download link to the very first Clutter game. I'll warn you again though - many people play these games every single day, and addicting is the most common word I hear from my players about the game. You've been warned.


  1. Cathy Boomer says:

    Hi, Joe. I just bought your latest Clutter-1000. I think I will enjoy it as much as each of the others. My question is how to navigate around the site. For example, I would like to take off the timed element of the games I play. I couldn’t find where you do that. A brief tutorial might be nice if such a thing exists. You did great. I know I will go crazy playing this—yes, always addicting.

  2. Jan Hilliard says:

    Hi Joe…love your games! I’m running into a glitch on Clutter 1000 and wanted to see if others are reporting the problem. In the 2nd set of 100 puzzles, puzzles 16 and 17 (so far) each have a glitch where I can’t match 1 pair, which means the level can’t be finished. I can click on everything else without any issue, but there is always one pair that doesn’t respond to clicks. Any suggestions?

    • joe says:

      Hi Jan:
      I sent an email, asking for a screen shot when this happens.
      I tried it, and couldn’t get it to reproduce.
      If I have a screen shot, I might be able to figure out what’s going on.
      Thanks in advance….

  3. Freda Luciano says:

    Still waiting for Clutter to come out on ipad

    • joe says:

      Hi Freda:
      I need to find a publisher for the iPad, otherwise it’s not worth doing.
      I’m hoping that can still happen.
      The iPad can only be sold through the AppStore, and it’s something I can’t
      easily accomplish on my own.
      Most likely, a Windows Tablet and/or Kindle will occur before the iPhone, but
      even that might be after I release the next Clutter.
      So many choices.
      Sorry about that.

  4. Marita Miller says:

    I love the Clutterville games. I have purchased each one through BigFish Games and play Clutterville 3-6 over and over again. I am so hooked on the quest versions .. I like being timed I guess.
    When will Clutter1000 be available on the BigFish website? I check everyday !!

    • joe says:

      March 27th. Please leave a review when/if you can. Thanks.

      • Marita Miller says:

        The release date came early and I was able to purchase Clutter 1000 at BigFish Games today .. it is being release officially tomorrow and I have managed to play a couple of levels and I love it so far … I love the fact that I am now looking for new objects and have new challenges .. PLEASE keep making this type of game .. One of the few out there that you can play over and over again and its never the same game!!
        Thanks Joe .. you are the best!!

  5. Kathi says:

    Why aren’t there any descriptions of what each level is?

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