Testing Difficulty Slider.

Testing Difficulty Slider.

I added a difficulty slider with just 5 settings in the options menu. I’m going to go have fun testing the clutter levels from scratch with just that change in. The difficulty goes for 5 levels that will either add or subtract 5 or 10 items from each screen.

I’m hoping that will be enough to satisfy people who think the game is way too easy.

I’m also hoping to totally ignore that flag while I test and tune the sequel.



  1. mary evans says:

    dear joe,
    how can I order a cd of “sliders and other etc”? have a laptop for game use only, am 84 yo with very LIMITED computer skills such as downloading. I have all 5 clutter games on cd’s. when I completed the final clutter v slider to read “clutter vi, clutter chaos is coming soon” I was overjoyed. now if I could just get the new slider puzzles that would hold me until “clutter chaos” arrives. cheers from shevet(20 yr AF vet)

  2. Robin Zielesch says:

    I recently got hooked on Clutterville V. The games I like the best are the sliders. Do you have any games sets with just these puzzles in them?

    • joe says:

      Hi Robin:
      Glad you asked.
      I’m working on “Sliders and Other Square Jigsaw Puzzles” right now, and plan to be in beta sometime in the next week.

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