Clutter Infinity:
Joe’s Ultimate Quest

Clutter Infinity: Joe's Ultimate Quest

This is by far my favorite Clutter made from my old development system. The Marques in the Main Menu were a joy to implement as well as the beads falling off when you first come into the game.

The puzzles are all pretty excellent, especially the variations: Clutter Pics, Colorized & Inside-Out.
I tell the story of my life, one-snippet at a time, of how I, Joe, became the guy that ended up creating the Clutter games.

One story for each year of my life (roughly) of something that happened, that you could argue that if it didn't happen, then I might never have created Clutter.

Each Clutter story has some aspects of "Joe" in them, but this was the most "Joe".
When Clutter VI: Leigh's Story did not do as well as Clutterville, I decided to go 100% solo for Clutter Infinity, and have it have as much "Joeness" as possible. The Beads/Gems, The Shuffle Mode, The Joe-Centric Story, the Colorized & Clutter Pics....were all involved in the resurgence of Joe.

Happy to say, that this paid off, and many consider Clutter Infinity: Joe's Ultimate Quest to be the best Clutter Ever!!!

Buy Clutter Infinity for $10

Another Clutter game and another A+. I have all of Joe's games and this is probably my favorite. New this go-round is Outside In, which I'm obsessed with. As long as Joe keeps making them.....I'll keep buying. Can't wait for Clutter 8!
Who would think that clutter could be fun? I never think that when it's time to get off the computer and clean out the real clutter at my house. Joe's clutter though seems to be attractive. Or maybe it's because it's on the computer, and I don't really have to put it away. Anyway, the games are interesting and I sometimes have to play a few over and over to do it all in time. I like that. I don't want a game that is too easy. There is variety within his clutter too. Thanks, Joe, for another way to stay up all night! Just one more game and I'll go to bed.
Hi Joe, you have really outdone yourself this time. When I came on the computer this morning, and I saw this game, I could not believe it. This is the best, and I mean the best. Here I thought you were not making any more games, and I have waited, and waited for you to come out with something new. There are so many things to do in this game.

This is excellent, and I mean excellent. Keep them coming. You are the best. The challenge, and fun, and quality is terrific.

Thanks for a great game.
I absolutely love these games! Hope they never stop. It took me along time to even play one because I never, ever thought I'd like this type of hidden object. But after finally playing one I couldn't stop.

Please, please, please keep them coming. I love love, love them.
I LOVE this game. And I'm completely addicted. You can play for a few minutes or for an hour and enjoy. You can easily skip any parts you don't enjoy and concentrate on those you do. Somehow it never gets old.


  1. Tracy says:

    Yes. YES! Please bring Clutter to iPad! I’ve been waiting and would love to play it in this format instead. Great stuff Joe! Nothing out there that even resembles it!

  2. Karen Ruhloff says:

    Yo! thank you, thank you, and thank you for developing these games…in Clutter Infinity, how do you open the Ultimate Quests 2 & 3?

    • joe says:

      Hi Karen:
      The Ultimate Quest 2-3….are just the next parts in the main quest.
      They’re just labelled as a continuation in the Control Panel.
      So…the Ultimate Quest has 105 puzzles in it….that you’ve probably already
      played sequentially….(or you’re still working through it).
      The 2-3 in the Control screen is to just reach the later puzzles.
      1. 1-35
      2. 36-70
      3. 71-105
      Hope that helps.
      Glad you’re enjoying the games.
      Say hi on Facebook if you’re on it.
      (I have a Clutter page as well as my own page).

  3. Deb says:

    I have started a new game with a new player and have reached the area where if you collect 45 gems it unlocks a new screen. Only problem is the gems never show up.

    • joe says:

      Probably a bug….I’ll look into it…tomorrow and get back to you…
      ….I remember the 45 gems….but I forget what they “unlock”.

  4. Dona says:

    Hi Joe,

    I adore you and curse you while I am playing Clutter1000. lol I adore you as I play another fabulous, challenging game with beautiful graphics and curse you for the hard games I cannot conquer (yet!!) and the candy games that torture me with their deliciousness and make me want chocolate. I have all the Clutter games and my husband and I ARE addicted to them. We have contests to see who can get the best score. I am old school and really appreciate the fact that Clutter is just a hidden object game. I will buy any game you make, Joe, keep up the good work.

  5. ANNE MCKEAN says:

    Hi, Joe. I just finished playing Clutter 1000, and I’m stuck at the end. If I close it and reopen it, it brings me back to the final screen with the square and round pictures. There are no other symbols on the screen, so I can’t go backwards or do anything. There’s another player who hasn’t gone through all the levels yet, and we can’t figure out how to access the first screen so we can pick that player and continue. Thanks for your help. BTW, I love your games but lost the first 5 when I updated my MAC OS. Now Clutter 6 and Clutter 1000 are the only ones that work.

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