Blogging with Joe


  1. Earla McCall says:

    Joe, I love coins in the Cushions…I have a number of your games, which one contains the Coin in t he Cushions?

  2. Juli says:

    Hi Joe. Purchased the new Clutter 1000 for MAC and was wondering a few things. In the options there are 2 screen sizes, is it possible for us to chose 1 in between those 2? Also the pointer is pretty small and I see there are 2 options but the bigger of the 2 arrows won’t work. Basically just wondering how to access the options?? Thanks for any help

  3. Juli says:

    Any update news on clutter 1000? So looking forward to this next game!

  4. I love and have bought at least 97% of your games, where is “Back to the Attic”? I have been looking and looking for it.

    • joe says:

      Hi Jean:
      Back to the Attic, didn’t happen. It became Clutter Infinity: Joe’s Ultimate Quest.
      I might still do a thing called Clutter 7: Back to the Attic someday (because I have some of
      the story art done for it)….but it’s a long story as to why that hasn’t happened yet.
      Next up…is actually Clutter 1000, which will have 1000 puzzles in it, and some new twists
      and turn….and not TEXT.
      Hoping to release and Alpha/Beta in 3 weeks.

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