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Joe is not Leon

Anyone who's played the original Clutter game knows a little bit about Joe. Joe is not Leon, but some of the details of Joe's life were worked into the story. Here are just some of the real facts of Joe's almost 60 years of life.

Joe was born in a little town called Penacook N.H., a voting district of Concord N.H. but a separate town (population was about 3000 back then). Joe attended Immaculate Conception School until 6th grade and then attended Merrimack Valley High School. Joe decided to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Joe only took one computer course at RPI.

Joe moved on to work at iWin creating the highly successful Mah Jong Quest I, II and III (and little game called Sproink). After leaving iWin at the end of 2009 to work on his own games he joined an Atlanta Slots/Gaming company beginning in 2011 and ending in 2013. Joe now devotes 100% of his time to Puzzles By Joe and The Clutter Series.


  1. Love the Clutter Games. I have them all. Clutter I and Clutter II are giving me exception errors. How do I fix this?

  2. Scott says:

    Hi Joe.
    I am a fanatic for all your clutter games. I’ve played each one through 2 or more times.
    My favorite is the Sliders. I don’t like the mirror sliders as much but the regular picture sliders are so relaxing and satisfying.
    I want more. A lot more. If you made a collection of all sliders I would buy it in a heartbeat.
    Any chance of any release with a new, and enormously large set of sliders?
    Swansea, MA

    • joe says:

      Hi Scott:
      Unless you’re on a Mac….you do know of the Sliders & Other Square Jigsaw Puzzles stand-alone game right?

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Joe.

    I love your games. They are an addition!

    But ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, the screen blinks out even though you can hear the game in the background.

    I am thinking I don’t ahve the right version of DirectX installed. Is there a specific version I need to download off the internet?

    Again, thanks for the games! Truly brilliant idea.

  4. mary k. evans says:

    dear joe,
    thank you for the many hours of pure fun with your clutter series. i have all 7 games and fervently hope there will be #8 coming this year. over the years i replayed all of them using my relatives names as new players. you offered a comment once there might be 8 games but not ten. could you elaborate? a devoted 85 y.o. clutter fan in georgia.

    • joe says:

      Hi Mary:
      Thank you for the compliments.
      At one point I thought I’d reach only 8 Clutters.
      The 8th will be coming out at the end of June (hopefully).
      I now think I’ll reach Clutter X (the 10th Clutter).
      I’m thinking I have at least an Ultimate Clutter (#9) and
      maybe “The Best of Clutter” for #10. Who knows. 🙂
      Hope you had a nice holiday weekend.

  5. Ruth Baker says:

    I love the Clutter Games, often playing several times a day. I purchased the Clutter Infinity and Clutter Super Pack through my membership with Pogo Games.m Unfortunately, two parts of the Super Pack will no longer open. Clutter 2- He Said She Said and Clutter III no longer will open. Is it possible I just wore them out? Can that happen? Can they be fixed or replaced so I can play them? I have not had these games for a whole year yet. I miss them.

    • joe says:

      I can send you Clutter II & Clutter III and you can try to run them that way.
      I had not heard of this problem with the Pogo (It’s actually iWin that owns them now) and
      the Super Pack.

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