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    I am playing Clutter V and the counter has been stuck on 261 games for a while. I keep going through the games, but the counter does not change. Am I doing something wrong ?

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    Me too. I have played all of the Clutter games, all the way through, more than a few times. My counter is stuck at 197. I’m running Windows 10. IS there a way to finish Clutter 5? (I have to admit that I skipped all of the slider puzzles, but . . . the counter is stuck.) ??

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    The Good News is….I’m working on a way to get to those missed puzzles…but….The Bad News is….you’ll probably have to start over again for it to work right.

    Sorry about that….I should have an improved version of Clutter V (with all the Slider Auto-play, Auto-save features from the Sliders game I just released)….next week.


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