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    Just bought your newest game and only played a couple of the puzzles but already love it. One thing I did not do was read the notice at the beginning of the game which said something about finding the start of quest. Is there any way you could write out what was written in the notice in the beginning of this game? I would definitely appreciate it. Thank you.

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    Find Your Quest
    Your journey begins by simply@finding your Quest trigger.

    All other triggers unlock
    after you’ve found it.

    The Quest’s main purpose
    is to demo all the variations
    found in the rest of the game.

    Hi Mary:
    I believe that answers your question. Glad you’re enjoying the Sliders game.

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    A couple of comments about the Sliders game. I am definitely interested in knowing if there will be a Sliders II. One suggestion I have is not to make the vertical and horizontal lines so skinny. In the Insanity section, I can understand but for us seniors, that narrow of a line makes it almost impossible to grab it. Also in Sliders II, could we have more Filter puzzles and the pixelate puzzles. In pixelate puzzles, more of the horizontal and vertical as well as the square puzzles. For myself, as nice as they are, I did not particularly care for the tiny square pixelate puzzle. Again, in this case, the eyesight is not as sharp as it once was. Please, whatever puzzles you include, please make Sliders II.

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