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    My Joe ratings:
    Clutter 1 = 5 star even though it doesn’t work any longer on my updated computer
    Clutter 2 = 5 star even though it doesn’t work very well on my updated computer
    Clutter 3 = 5 star awesome
    Clutter 4 = 5 star awesome (After all those hours/weeks/months playing, I ***just*** discovered the “extras”! Boy, do I feel dumb… but don’t bother me now. I have 50 new sliders to complete!!)
    Clutter 5 = Downloading this weekend. CAN’T WAIT!!
    I am a slider fanatic and could play for hours if Life would stop interrupting me. Thanks for all the fun!

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    Joe fixed the original Clutter and Clutter 2 for me! It’s great to have 2 old favorites back. These puzzles are so much fun!

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    Judy C

    Clutter 2 ===can’t stop playing level 5/5 of the second set. Addicted.
    Clutter 1 ===still addicted and playing frequently
    Clutter 5 ===this may move up in ranking, getting addicted
    Clutter 4 ===we’ll leave it at “like” but not addicted
    Clutter 3 ===we’ll leave this at “like” but not addicted
    Clutter 6 ===I know it’s out there, blow my mind, please!

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    LOL! I’m looking for Clutter 6 also and I’ve only just begun Clutter 5. Joe, stop reading your fan mail. Back to work! 😉

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    I guess I’m a little late to the game, I just purchased “Welcome to Clutterville” and I think it is my favorite 🙂
    As for rating
    1. 5: Welcome to Clutterville
    2, 3, 4. 1,2,4:in no particular order
    5. 3 Who’s the void…more because I found the “who’s the void” part kind of annoying….sorry!
    I do enjoy the clutter games though, and wouldn’t mind seeing more (even though I am still at the beginning of 5)

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    Clutter III – ***** (the only one I’ve played all the way through)

    Demo’d original Clutter way back when & somehow didn’t get hooked. Saw Clutter III on BFG & tried it – IT’S FANTASTIC! The only puzzle I couldn’t get the hang of was Lights Out (as predicted by the creator). The direct comments were interesting and thought-provoking, and a refreshing change. The games had just the right amount of challenge (for me). I really enjoyed the new twists on favorite puzzles (Sudoku-tetris, Leave One, Big & Small).

    Re: the question(s) raised by Joe in Clutter III, my feedback is, to borrow from Rick Nelson, you can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself. If you’re earning enough, then carry on doing what you’re doing. Or maybe you can do both: puzzles for the masses on FB & puzzles that you enjoy making and that a smaller group of devotees love. Either way, thanks for making one of the most entertaining and well done games. And, to paraphrase the Bard, once more into the Void 🙂

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