No sound in Clutter games

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    I have had a problem with the sound in Clutter games for ages. I used to have sounds and music, but now Clutter 1-5 are all silent. Other games are fine, volume is turned up and I have reinstalled codecs, but still nothing.

    Any ideas? – Windows 7 64 bit.


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    Hi Jonathan:
    We connected in email, but I wanted to post the solution here as well. Basically it turned out to be a permissions thing. I use a trick where I write the sound files to disk (to decrypt them) and therefor if you don’t have permissions to write to those directories the sounds won’t play. The easiest fix is to just change the shortcut’s permission to be “run as admin”. This also fixes the problem if the game is not “remembering” where in the quest a player is located.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention Jonathan, and for working with me until we found a solution.

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