My Favorite is Clutter V: Welcome To Clutterville

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    If Clutter V is your favorite Clutter, tell us why here.

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    Clutter V is indeed my favorite. I find that I am addicted to it now and enjoy it each and every time I play it. It is quite the challenge for me as well. I think you have done very well in making this game Joe. You should indeed pat yourself on the back. There is not one part of that game that I like better then the other. It is all good!
    I have not finished the game all the way yet, but wanted to post here that I truly am enjoying this one. I do not know if there will be a clutter VI yet but I really do hope you will consider it Joe. You are brilliant.

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    Sliders in every Clutter game are my favorites. (Hint Hint, an all slider game in the future?) The Monet section of artwork sliders are delicious. I’m trying to savor them but keep rushing to the next and the next, just to see what picture you have selected. In older games, I always liked finding something out of the ordinary like an antique etched map or patchwork quilt. Florals and landscapes are fun but I love a surprise also. Ooo, imagine a slider puzzle of one of the clutter “match pairs” screens? Thanks so much, Joe. I love your games! ~Jane

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    Grrrrrrrr… I just hate that game Never Ending. I can not win/finish one of those and that is annoying. I hope you DO NOT add that horrible thing to Clutter VI. I was hoping to finish every single game you had on Clutter V, but thanks to that horrible (Never Ending) that will never happen.

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      This is a re-cap to my Never Ending complaint. I meant to add that it was in the Never Ending (Blood) section when that one game with the tube on the left side has items sliding down it and you are suppose to find them all before the tube fills up. I hate that game and hope you never use it again Joe. Ok I said what I wanted now I shall hush **smiles**.

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