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    Just finished the quest part of the new Clutter Infinity. Wow! Story line is fascinating, getting to know Joe on such a personal level. And the puzzles are just the right mix of what we are used to from the earlier games, and some new variations. Some are a little frustrating, but in a good way. Maybe I should say they are “challenging”. Not in a bad way, though. I really enjoyed this quest, and am now moving on to playing the rest of the puzzles (and there sure are a lot of them!) Keep up the good work, Joe. I am already looking forward to the next Clutter!

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    Here goes nothing! (I made these notes while I played.

    loves –
    – turning off timer. i might not love or enjoy some levels so much, if this wasn’t an option.
    – being able to skip any level completely
    – being able to go back and do a level via the “control panel” (sometimes i’m just not in the mood for certain types of levels, but want to try later.)
    – classic clutter
    – the new intermixed levels.
    – match 3
    – big and small
    – rotation challenge
    – the word games! only problem is that there aren’t enough of them!
    – that the level name *and* number show at the top. in some of the other games, the number disappeared, so you weren’t sure “where” you might be in the game.

    enjoys –
    – the option to use old style coins, letters (even if i don’t use this option.)
    – the story line along with the option to skip it.
    – sliders the first time through, but not so much after that. (see skipping under “loves”!)
    – colorized (although the very dark blues were pretty hard to see well.)
    – fuzzy thinking, especially since there aren’t tons of them, but just enough to change things up.
    – puzzle piece challenges
    – blockers
    – sml, 6s and 9s
    – making levels “favorites.”
    – split decisions
    – boxes (even though this more or less requires some speed.)
    – treadmill (even though this more or less requires some speed.)
    – square jigsaws, (although to be fair, i only did the first one.)

    dislikes –
    – dragging
    – unfortunately, (but rarely,) the last selections on a level are impossible to get to, even with the help of the “wiggle” of the pics.
    – star power
    – extreme clutter
    – 2s and 3s
    – take 2, leave 1
    – take 1, leave 1
    – close counts
    – extravaganza

    wishes –
    – skip all “close counts”

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