Clutter Infinity:
Joe’s Ultimate Quest

Clutter Infinity: Joe's Ultimate Quest

This just might be the best Clutter of them all. So many varations, so little time. All your old favorites are here along with twice as many new ones to keep you playing for hour and hours. 875 puzzles in all. Intermixed, Silhouettes, Outside-In and Clutter Picture Puzzles just to name a few. • Lots of Newer, Clearer Objects • All New Quest Music • New Favorites and Random replay feature • Many New Variations of Clutter

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  1. Diane Dacey says:

    Hi Joe. No it was not up and down rotations. All I can remember was a white building with red trim and I think a briefcase, and probably four or five more items that were exactly the same but in different positions. only the ones in the exact same position could be matched.

  2. Diane says:

    I pwn all your PC games and greatly enjoy them. Several months ago I often played a game where you had to match items that were exactly the same and in the same position. I remember that it had white buildings with red trim. I thought it was under collections, but now I can’t find it. HELP please.

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