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Welcome to Clutter, a game like no other. It’s the original Un-Hidden Object Game. From the Main Menu there is a main quest, 5 Minigames and two additional icons (flashlight and binoculars) that let you replay levels from the main quest.

The main game is as simple as can be. Just find two matching objects and click on them to remove them from the playing field. They pop out, then merge into one and swoop down to the treadmill.

Clutter has 5 original Minigames: The Coins, Memory Game, The Clock, Sliders and GapWar. A little something for everyone. And if you don’t like a particular Minigame, you may skip them if you want.

In each game, I put in one Minigame that I know is not for most people. In the first Clutter it was the Clock. Each level of the Clock has different rules that get progressively more complex and difficult on the higher levels. Don’t feel bad if you skip the Clock puzzles. Most people do.

I wrote Clutter to make a replayable game that appeals to the Hidden Object Game fans, without it being a typical Hidden Object Game. I’ve done my best to make every level replayable, and I’ll warn you now – many people find the game quite addicting.


Buy – The Original Clutter Game (PC)

Buy – The Original Clutter Game (MAC)









  1. MB COFFEY says:

    Purchased “Infinity” and have enjoyed. Like best the games where specific objects must be spotted, objects are split, objects are not identical. They are more difficult. Looked at some of the other games but nothing there that “begged” me to buy.
    Wondering if a future game like “Infinity” will be produced using NEW objects. The same ones over and over get to be too easy to find.

    • joe says:

      Hi Mary Beth:
      All my games use slightly different object sets, but unfortunately it’s difficult to find any newer sets of photo-realistic objects that I can use for the game. (Although…in the next game – I’m adding some Cartoon Animals that are fairly interesting…including a variation where you have to spot the “unique” animal in a set of almost exact copies). Each of my games are different from each other (especially the earlier ones with many, many, many different mini-games). I’d recommend trying either Clutter V: Welcome to Clutterville or Clutter III: Who is the Void? I do know some people have bought all 7 games and find enough different in each Clutter game to enjoy them. Hope you’re having a great 2018.

  2. liette says:

    Est-ce possible d,avoir en Français merci et en passant tres bon jeu

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