Clutter III

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The main game has added blockers that are removed by finding the 5 specific matches at the top of the playing area. But the old styles are mixed in as well.

And of course, some new Minigames are included. Lights Out, SudokTris, Stacked Plates and Rack’Em Extreme as well as many other surprises.

 And instead of a 800 x 600 screen size, the new game is bigger and better than ever at 1024 x 768, which allows much clearer objects and a bigger playing field for some of the older Minigames.

Buy Clutter III: Who is The Void?

Almost all the Photos used in the game are by my cousin Robin Henderson Seabury.
Her contact information is

If you like a specific picture you can work out a deal with her.
She will put it on a card for you for $3:00.

9 responses to Clutter III

  1. sherri

    The first clutter game I got was “He said She said” on a CD with other games. I played it for hours! I have since then bought 2 others. But my favorite is Sliders. I always go straight for Insanity 5. I would like many more photos, though. Keep ‘em coming!

    • joe

      Hi Sherri:

      A “Sliders and other Square Jigsaw Puzzles” game is coming out shortly after I release Clutter V. (It should be out by July at the latest).
      Happy to hear you enjoy my games.