Clutter III: Who is the Void?

Buy Now – Clutter III: Who is The Void?

Buy Now – Clutter III: Who is The Void?

For Just $10.00 you can order Clutter III: Who is the Void?
(If you want to pay more you can always use my Tip Jar :-))

The only known issue is a Side-By-Side configuration bug which can be fixed by downloading and installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package.

I was asked how is the game delivered if you don’t order a Backup CD. The game is delivered via. a Download link (specific to the that buyer). You will get an email with your order confirmation and a link to the download.

It’s been a very exciting experiment to sell my game right here at Puzzles By Joe. I look forward to everyone’s feedback on the game.

Here are a couple more screen shots of the game.

Almost all the Photos used in the game are by my cousin Robin Henderson Seabury.
Her contact information is

If you like a specific picture you can work out a deal with her.
She will put it on a card for you for $3:00.

6 responses to Clutter III: Who is the Void?

  1. julie

    I have NEVER commented on a game before but i had to in this case. I love puzzles and HATE the stupid, contrived stories that usually accompany them…I skip anything that has to do with the story. This was brilliant…pure puzzle, really enjoyable puzzles and the ability to skip what I didn’t like immediately (lights out was the only game I ended up skipping). The icing on the cake was insight about the game and the game’s creator included in the game and replacing the dreaded usual “story”. Bravo!!

  2. John

    Clutter IV’s release date? Please?

  3. Patrice

    Thank you Joe! So happy Clutter III has hit the airways! I’ve been waiting & very anxious & low & behold there it was available at Big Fish today.It’s an icy day in Georgia & I have had a ball being stranded at home & playing your newest game!

  4. Robin

    Wow, looks great.

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