Puzzles By Joe proudly presents the first ever Clutter Forums.

The purpose of this forum is two-fold:

I will be able to answer any frequently asked questions here (Check under Faqs for those).

You will be able to leave me feedback directly on what you would like to see in future games, as well as what you like and don’t like in the Clutter games.

Just getting started with these forums, but I’ll be adding to them on a daily basis. Feel free to start a topic and ask anything you want. That’s why they’re here.

You do have to Login to Reply or start a new Topic and if you don’t have a Login, you can just click on Registration in the top menu (right next to Login).

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    • Frequently Asked Questions
      Welcome to FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions. This is where I'll try to answer any questions that general to Clutter or Puzzles By Joe. If it's specific problem with Clutter running on a specific machine, then go check out the Tech Support area.
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    • Questions for Joe
      If it's not in FAQ's and you still want to know, this is the place to ask Joe (not Leon) anything about the Clutter games. He is (I am) the Joe in Puzzles By Joe, and he'll (I'll) be more than happy to try to answer your questions.
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    • Rate the Games
      I'm taking a quick informal survey....if you're reading this, take 20 seconds to comment the Clutter games you've played...in the order you like. For instance...for me, it's 5-3-4-1-2, meaning that 5 is my favorite followed by 4 etc... It also means I played them all. I'll start it off with a repeat of my choice.
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       HUGE fan!!

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